Tuesday, February 28, 2012

“Doozey” by Doozey

Talented group Doozey releases their self titled album, "Doozey," that is full of vibrant Pop/Rock music. Doozey impresses with their irresistible melodies and fast paced rhythmic beats. You will be hooked right from the start as you listen to the opener, "I Want You." This song is fun, lively, and showcases solid vocals that swirl around the crunchy guitar licks. Another song, "Make Your Move," offers tight knit precision and lets the listener know this group really knows how to have fun with music. "I Can't Stop Myself," is buzzing with those searing guitar hooks and charming vocals.  Fans of Weezer or '90's Rock music will definitely enjoy the intoxicating tunes on the excellent Pop/Rock album, "Doozey."