Sunday, March 30, 2008

“Valentine Parade” by Chancellorpink (Pop Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

"Valentine Parade" by Chancellorpink is an intriguingly memorable adult underground rock collection. The very first thing that jumps out of these tunes is their experimental creativity and the effectively unusual vocal performances. Exploring a variety of tones, filters, and harmony and background arrangements, the vocals on "Valentine Parade" are quite diverse, unusual, and creative, and thereby hard to forget. Additionally, the musical backdrops of these tracks are equally as eclectic. The somewhat eerie "Red Wedding Dress" does a great job of demonstrating the creativity this band employs in both their music and vocal arrangements. "The Red Sea" and "She Came In Dreams" assumes a heavy rock edge, with the former radiating a strong dose of experimentation. If you enjoy artists such as David Bowie and creative music that is not afraid to challenge mainstream rules, you will enjoy this CD.
-Xavier and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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"Some Day" by Dwayne Ford (Pop Artist from Alberta, Canada)

Dwayne Ford brings a professional resume to his album "Some Day". It is largely progressive adult contemporary, but is vast in it's style and influence. You'll hear elements of jazz, blues, classical, and contemporary to name a few. Mr. Ford's vocals are strong, passionate, and appropriate for the concept of the sound. The arrangements are high-caliber and the production quality is top notch. Highlights are the cover of "Scarborough Fair", a creative and interesting take on a classic. "10 Years on the Inside" features some great guitar work and nice harmony in the vocals. "No Prayer" is a nice little jazzy/bluesy number with strong vocals and lyrics. If you like Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, you will like this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team

"130 Days" by Yellow Jumps Twice (Pop Artist from Germany)

"130 Days" by Yellow Jumps Twice is an alternative rock album influenced mainly by Brit rock. This album contains a nice mix of acoustic and electric songs, and hint toward British glam at times too. There is a power and energy behind the sound, with harmonized choruses and ringy guitars. One stand out track is "Let you Go", a rock anthem with a nice build and dark lyrics. "Softly" opens with a cool megaphone effect on the vocals and twists into a longingly passionate rocker. "The Rainy Season" features a beautiful piano progression, strings and emotion-filled lyrics. Fans of Oasis and David Bowie will surely enjoy this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team

"Step Up 2 the Mike" by Just Mike (Pop Artist from Minnesota(MN))

"Step Up 2 the Mike" by Just Mike is and eclectic marriage of beats and soul. It is definitely a hip-hop album, but what makes this album unique is it's attention to emotion - even in it's most bumping and flowing of states. You won't hear the same old, same old with this album. It's a nice mix of 'old school' and 'new school'. The sound is fresh. Highlights include "This Way", a very heartfelt song with strong lyrics and a nice delivery. "Go Get It" is naughty and dirty with an industrial flair. "Crater's Edge" has a nice beat and is mysterious (in a Radiohead sort of way). If you like Hip-Hop with an experimental edge, you will like this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Lost and Found" by Chris Demarco (Easy Listening/Pop artist from Georgia (GA))

"Lost and Found" by Chris Demarco is a heart warming contemporary rock album. Chris' vocals are rich and have a nice depth to them. The accompanying arrangements are softly driving and contain subtle variances, including a hint of country from time to time. The musicianship and production throughout the CD are very professional. "Love and Murder" is a fun track with spoken word and a 40's sound with a little twang. "I Don't Wanna Wake Up" is a "song about a girl" with a light Island sound. "Sail Away" features some nice vibrato and range in the vocals and leaves you with a sense of hope. If you enjoy softer adult rock, you'll enjoy this CD
-William and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Love is...." by Sabrina Shaheen (Pop Artist from Michigan(MI))

"Love is...." by Sabrina Shaheen is an uplifting and powerful vocal driven Pop album. Sabrina's vocals on this CD have a very enjoyable deep quality that reminds us of Madonna. The CD features a blend of tight dance beats and a vast array of "World" instruments. You get your money's worth with 18 solid tracks on this one. The production is outstanding and provides these tracks with a commercial radio-ready finishing touch. Highlights are "Look into My Eyes", an eerie and distant track with thick Indian flavor. The title track "Love Is..." is a floor pumping dance number with nice melodies in the breaks. "Ecstasy" is sexy and unassuming with a nice piano hook. If you like Madonna and Enya, you will enjoy this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team

"Devotee" by JJ Worthen (Pop Artist from Texas(TX))

JJ Worthen's album "Devotee" is ready to be heard. JJ has a powerful voice that harnesses a songbird quality on the tracks of this CD. He writes catchy, complete, polished songs with great energy and pleasing arrangements. This is a rock album more than anything. The songs have a great live quality to them. The production on this CD is creative and very professional. The title track "Devotee" features memorable lyrics and a powerful vocal performance. "Nobody Knows" is surprisingly heavy, with a great opening guitar lick leading into a real rocker. "Autumn Leaves" completes the album nicely, leaving you feeling hopeful. If you like Rufus Wainwright, Damien Rice or Queen, you will like this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team

"Easy Street" by Chris Chesney (Pop Artist from United Kingdom)

Chris Chesney brings his veteran cross genre skills to the table in his album "Easy Street." The overall sound is reminiscent of those fun, feel good songs of the early 80's. Chris' lyrics are fun and his guitar-playing and songwriting are impressive. The arrangements are jazzy / bluesy in a bubbly sort of way and there's a lot of instrumentation and professional production in these tracks, to add a nice depth to the recording. There is also a cool mix of modern dance music thrown in as well. Finally, the female vocals are a nice complement to Chris's effective, raspy vocals. Highlights are "Cool Water," which starts out with a long, sexy instrumental segment that builds into a strong, sexy groove that nicely matches the lyrical theme of the song. "Time is Running Out" is another parcticularly noteworthy track with a brief synthesizer intro that builds into a full groove and a memorable chorus with strong female backing vocals and keyboard counter part. If you are a fan of catchy songs with a strong groove, that cross rock, pop, and even R&B, you'll enjoy this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, March 1, 2008

"ALM" by ALM (Pop artist from New York City, New York (NY))

"ALM" from Alejandro Lopez Maciel is an eclectic mixture of Latin-meets-pop. These songs are delightful in their content as well as the presentation, which broadens the senses and masterfully, yet playfully, delivers a bundle of excitement. For instance, "I Get My Laundry Done", delivers a delightful and creative play on the household task of laundry! "ALM" is a complete and total joy to review, as this music is hip-techno fuel for your entire day. "A Little Beat Closer" includes fabulous techno production. Moreover, this CD builds in intensity, as it reaches a pinnacle of brilliance in our pick, "You're Not Alone", where the vocalist paints a spectacular picture of hope as his vocals soar to amazing heights. An incredible bonus is "Happy Birthday 2u", which must be heard to be enjoyed - a brilliant new birthday anthem!
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"Blue Circle" by Dave Foster (Pop artist from New York City, New York (NY))

Getting inside the music of "Blue Circle" by Dave Foster is likened to a journey to the center of the Earth, radically different yet refreshingly welcoming, as a traveler to a foreign land comes across a landmark that has beckoned for years. This songwriter reminded us of greats like John Lennon and even Dave Matthews; thought-provoking and versatile lyrically, along with a masterful use of modern beats, funky throw-backs, and synthesized vocals. We especially enjoyed "Falling To Pieces", which combines all of the aforementioned elements of genius songwriting, production, and performance. Way far out front vocals and bitter raw emotion drive us to pick our favorite, "All You Gave To Me", for it's contemporary bass-line and hip lyrical makeup.
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