Friday, August 17, 2007

"Chronic Empire" by Robin Stanley (Pop/Classic Rock artist from British Columbia, Canada (CA))

"Chronic Empire," the latest from the brilliant Robin Stanley, is a soothing collection of guitar-driven pop/classic rock tunes! Kicking off with the unforgettable "Once Upon a Time," one cannot help but notice Robin's robust vocal appeal. His unique, graceful tone breathes serenity into his compositions! Masterful instrumentation is added to the list of accolades for "Chronic Empire," as heard in the melodic harmonicas, mesmerizing bass lines, and clever guitar leads of "Born Under a Bad Sign." Moreover, "One Way avenue" shows off Robin's keen sense for catchy choruses and relevant, well-crafted lyrics. Best of all, this CD is wonderfully produced with clarity and skill! Die-hards of Beatles-reminiscent pop and Tom Petty-infused classic rock won't be able to turn this one off!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Sunday, August 5, 2007

"Karma" by Farita (Pop/R&B artist from Australia (AU))

Is it getting hot in here? Farita's pop/R&B debut EP "Karma" will turn up the heat anywhere and turn-heads everywhere! These unique Indian-infused party tracks will have listeners uncontrollably grooving to the beats before they ever knew what hit them! "Get Up Now" introduces a tasty Latin flavor, and radiates the splendor of Farita's elegant and enticing vocals. "Jump" shows more of an R&B influence, and accurately warns listeners that they will become "slaves to the groove". Moreover, the production of this CD is simply phenomenal. Hypnotic and addictive, "Karma" is an absolute must-have for lovers of party, pop, R&B, and the sounds of Shakira and Beyonce!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Friday, August 3, 2007

"Last Hippie Standing" by John Gignoux (Classic Rock/Pop artist from San Francisco, California (CA))

"Last Hippie Standing" by John Gignoux is a masterful assembly of classic rock/pop audio delights! The high energy "Down the Bits" opens this diverse album, followed by the beautiful power ballad "American Skies." No matter the style of song, John's voice pierces through the music – his strong, dreamy voice is definitely an attention-grabber. Lyrically, this album covers lots of personal reflections and experiences - all told in a powerful, poetic manner. To top things off, the production of "Last Hippie Standing" strikes a perfect musical and vocal balance. If you enjoy the classic rock sounds of the 70s, you'll find this album to be irresistible!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"Wire" by Kirk Armstrong (Classic Rock/Pop artist from East Ontario, Canada (CA))

"Wire" by Kirk Armstrong is a delightful audio presentation of classic rock/pop songs. Excellent guitar work is evident throughout this entire CD. Kirk's rich, smooth vocals quickly steal the limelight, pulling listeners into his emotional stories of love and heartbreak. "Come on Little Girl" and "Burning Down" shows off Kirk's beautiful tone, well-crafted rhymes, and his keen sense for musical hooks and catchy choruses. "Second Hand" boasts a delightful electric intro that envelops listeners into its dreary atmosphere. Perhaps the most successful aspect of this CD is its ability to create a potent emotional atmosphere. What's more, the production of "Wire" is simply outstanding and pleasing to the ears! Fans of the classic/soft rock bands will jump for joy at the sounds of this amazing record!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"Love and Lies" by Alexandra Kelly (Pop Aritst from New Jersey (NJ))

"Love and Lies" by the young, beautiful, and profoundly talented singer/songwriter Alexandra Kelly is a passionate pop album full of sure-to-be hits! Alexandra's vocals are pure, intimate and deeply passionate. Every song on this CD is graced with her gentle tone and effortless vocal control, reminiscent of a cross between Kelly Clarkson and LeAnn Rimes. Many of these songs are purely acoustic, adding to the overall feel of sincerity and purity. Lyrically, Alexandra displays her talent for crafting tunes with great rhymes and compelling themes of love and heartbreak – a formula that makes for memorable songs that are easy to sing along to. "A Song for You" employs all these sure-hit elements, putting special emphasis on beautiful melodies and enriching background vocals. Industry standard production places "Love and Lies" right next to today's top-sellers! One thing is for sure - Alexandra has a long and prosperous career in front of her! Fans of Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Jewel and their contemporaries will absolutely love this album!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

"Gemini" by Kowa (Pop/Rock artist from London, England (UK))

"Gemini" by Kowa is an impressive collection of pop/rock tunes. Nicely incorporating heavy doses of electronic elements, "Gemini" takes on a sound that is filled with smooth, unforgettable grooves. "Slave of Emotions" takes on an electronic life of its own with an addictive lead instrumental hook, soothing vocals, and smooth lyrics. Kowa's blend of lyrical themes of life and love, social downfalls, and deep introspection appeals heavily to the soul-searcher and thinking-person. "Evening" shows some impressive guitar solos, coupled with captivating flute and sax arrangements. With solid production marked by clarity and professionalism, "Gemini" should be on everyone's list of must-haves! If you enjoy pop, rock, electronica, and instrumentals, add this CD to your collection today!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

Thursday, August 2, 2007

"What A Rotter Of A Day" by the Electric Crayon Set (Pop/Classic Rock band from Finland (FI))

"What A Rotter Of A Day" by the flamboyant Electric Crayon Set is a captivating collection of power-pop tunes. If this band actually used crayons to craft their tunes, they would use the most diverse and colorful set around! Variety is the most valuable asset of "What A Rotter Of A Day"; music-lovers will find everything from the Beatles-reminiscent "Good Girl" to the fully acoustic "Morning of Magicians" and the rockin' "Initiate!" Moreover, every song on this CD employs creative lyrics defined by great poetic rhythms and rhymes, and creative analogies and imageries. Memorable melodies and musical hooks add together to create an album that is hard to forget! Furthermore, this band consistently delivers powerful vocal performances that capture their vibrant personalities! Putting the lid on this colorful crayon set is professional production marked by clarity and balance! Lovers of pop, classic rock and acoustic songs will love "What A Rotter Of A Day"!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"Plays Well With Others" by Wabi Sabi (Pop/Rock Artist from Georgia (GA))

"Plays Well With Others" by the sensationally talented Wabi Sabi is a groovy, irresistible collection of pop/rock tunes! Opening with the jazz groove sounds of "The Power," this CD immediately grabs listeners by the ears and hangs on until the very end! Musically, "Play Well With Others" outshines most – its unbelievable piano openings, rhythmic grooves, and electrifying electric guitar solos places this CD in the big league. Perhaps even more endearing is the strategic use and placement of brass instruments, namely the trumpet. "Time is Running Out" takes a delightful departure to a harder, faster-paced rock sound, displaying a wide-range of diversity. Lyrically, Wabi Sabi tackles the themes of life and love with literary precision, using occasional biblical analogies ("The Power" and "Apples"). Moreover, stunning vocals and crisp production puts this CD on the shelf next to the big names! If you like the sounds of Maroon 5, you will absolutely love this CD!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy