Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"INSPIRE" by SOUNDOCTRINE (Jazz Artist from Ohio)

SounDoctrine releases their third studio project, "Inspire," which covers some exceptionally brilliant Jazz/Funk music. This CD also features a cast of highly talented artists that collectively interweave their talents with rootsy and melodic tonality. These songs incorporate fantastic progressive modern touches as some of the meters are not in typical time signatures. The song, "Brother's Keeper (feat. Big L, Stefano NuSoul & Michaela)," grooves with a soulful rhythm and rich vocals. Another song, "Originalternativefunkjazzfusion!!!," is Jazz fusion at its best as this richly textured song has all the right moves and grooves. "Resurrection (feat. Keith McKelley, Alton Merrell & Paul Douds) is again an electrifying song which features brilliant artists performing this alluring melody. You will find the Jazz/Funk songs on the outstanding album, "Inspire," to not only original and innovating, but a superb collection of music.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Marinate The Groove" by Dar'rell Green (Jazz Artist from Indiana)

The exceptionally talented artist, Dar'rell Green, releases an outstanding CD, "Marinate the Groove," that is comprised of well crafted R&B/Jazz songs. You will hear Green's fantastic efforts on the sax as he performs with a rich, strong, and polished style. This album not only features some excellent sax instrumentals but mixes it up with a few songs that have some wonderful vocals. The song, "Closer 2 U," moves with a soulful and melodic flair as Green plays his sax with a rich musical tonality. A special treat on this album is the song, "Sunday Drive," as it features superb female vocals that let Green embellish this song with some wonderful expressive riffs. The title track, "Marinate the Groove," is fashioned with a slow and grooving Hip Hop style as the deep and velvety vocals impresses with its easy flowing rhymes. Fans of Contemporary R&B/Jazz music will thoroughly enjoy the exquisite collection of songs this album, "Marinate the Groove," has to offer.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Friday, November 5, 2010

"Believe" by Manny Freiser (Rock Artist from Los Angeles, CA)

The talented artist, Manny Freiser, and his recently released album, "Believe," offer a powerful collection of melodic Adult Alternative Rock music. Freiser, who is no stranger to the music scene, makes his songs come to life with a fresh and innovating style. Kicking off the CD, the title track, "Believe," is an irresistible song with a sweet and charming melody that moves with a nice easy feel. Another great song, "Closer To You," is thought provoking as Freiser sings the moving lyrics with engaging emotions. The synth strings on the song, "Keep It Up," add a touch of sparkle while Freiser impresses with his charismatic voice and uplifting lyrics. The terrific album, "Believe," would be an excellent addition to your Adult Alternative Rock collection especially if you're a fan of John Mayer or Peter Gabriel.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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