Sunday, October 26, 2008

“The Way of the Door” by Chris Eberlein (Electronica/Pop Artist from Boston, Massachusetts (MA))

"The Way of the Door" is the impressive electronica pop debut from do-it-yourself artist Chris Eberlein. With this album, Eberlein lays down exciting, danceable beats with heavy synthesizers and combines them with great storytelling lyrics unique to the genre, marginally comparable to the approach of LCD Soundsystem. Eberlein's songs are meant to be taken seriously and convey emotions, while the arrangements are strictly upbeat and make you want to move. Eberlein's vocals are poppy and with a great range, similar to that of Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5, and the entire album features great vocal layering on Eberlein's behalf. "The Way of the Door" is self-recorded and self-produced by Eberlein, highlighting his do-it-yourself mentality, but it sounds great and ready for extended club play. "Love-Inflicted" is Eberlein's first single, a synth trance-pop tune with lots of ambience, a hot beat, great vocal layering, and lyrics about a one-sided relationship. "Love is a Game" is a great dance track with upbeat synthesizers and a danceable beat, as Eberlein sings about how "love is a game I'll play no more," and, instead, he'd prefer just going out and having a good time. Overall, "The Way of the Door" is a fantastic debut with a lot to offer for those who like to dance, those more lyrically minded, and those fortunate enough to highly enjoy both. Fans of electronica and upbeat vocals are going to want to pick up "The Way of the Door."
-Chris & the Review Team
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Monday, October 13, 2008

“Death And Texas LP” by Chris Huff (Pop Artist from Pennsylvania (PA))

"Death And Texas LP" is an upbeat and quirky rock album from singer/songwriter Chris Huff that fuses British and American rock influences to create a unique sound. At times, Huff's vocals can sound eerily similar to David Bowie, and at other times they're reminiscent of Philadelphia outfit Dr. Dog. The arrangements are solid and guitar-based, drawing from the power pop, psychedelic, folk, reggae, and funk movements, in addition to rock. Huff's songs are fun and upbeat, quirky and lyrical, sometimes non-sensibly so. "Death And Texas LP" is well-recorded, having both the vocals and arrangements sound clean and professional. "Oceans Never Freeze" is a catchy, head-bobbing track with Zeppelin-esque guitar work, Bowie-like vocals, and enjoyable lyrics. "For The Trees" features some excellent funky bass work, a reggae guitar rhythm, a laid-back beat, group vocals, and more great lyrics from Huff. With "Death and Texas LP," Chris Huff has created an entertaining album that uniquely blends together a plethora of influences from the last four decades. Fans of quirky, lyrical rock and David Bowie-style vocals should definitely check out "Death And Texas LP."
-Chris & the Reviewer Team
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Friday, October 10, 2008

“Mijn Wereld (My World)” by Willem Van Leeuwen (Pop/Jazz Artist from the Netherlands)

"Mijn Wereld (My World)" is the terrific big band/jazz debut from singer/songwriter Willem Van Leeuwen that features big band standards and Van Leeuwen originals. Lead by the crooning vocals of Van Leeuwen, not unlike Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé, "Mijn Wereld (My World)" is filled with splashy big band arrangements of booming horns and woodwinds, as well as some great piano jazz. This release is filled with fun and upbeat songs that make you smile and sway, including Dutch big band renditions of classics from the Great American Songbook, including "I Feel Good" and "Strangers in the Night," respectively entitled "Voel Me Goed" and "Vreemdgaan in De Nacht." "Mijn Wereld (My World)" is well-produced, and the recordings and arrangements all sound outstanding. "Geboren Uit Nood (One for My Baby)" is a pleasant, jazzy track with beautiful piano work, a simple but fitting drum beat, and a lovely vocal performance from Van Leeuwen. "Droom (Home)" is an emotive closer with more excellent piano work and crooning vocals. With "Mijn Wereld (My World)," Willem Van Leeuwen has welcomed us to his world with open arms, no matter what language we speak. Fans of Dutch big band and jazz are definitely going to want to pick this one up.
-Chris & the Reviewer Team
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

“The Piano Solo” by A Secret Sense (Pop Artist from Germany)

Evoking the sheer beauty of a single instrument, A Secret Sense's "The Piano Solo" is a magnificent piano instrumental album with great classic and pop elements. A Secret Sense is the solo project of German pianist and composer Stephan Prinz, and these ten clearly inspired tracks put on display his raw talent as both. This release is filled with melancholic and moody songs with beautiful progressions and soaring melodies. These are the type of songs that you close your eyes and listen to and feel calm and at peace. "The Piano Solo" is well-produced, and the recordings sound clean, every stroke of ivory distinct and beautiful. "Never Ending" has a great arrangement that utilizes the entire piano and has a melancholic, sad sound. "Tell Me Why" is a more upbeat and poppy arrangement, beautifully and skillfully crafted. The only vocal track on the album is on the closer, "Tell Me Why – Vocal Version," which features a beautiful female vocal accompaniment and catchy, sad lyrics and the same arrangement as the original track. "The Piano Solo" makes the statement that Stephan Prinz is one of the premier classical and pop pianists in the world, as well as an excellent songwriter capable of evoking emotion and beauty solely with the keystrokes of his piano. Fans of great instrumental piano work with classical and pop influence should check out A Secret Sense.
-Chris & the Reviewer Team
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“Searching For You” by Spinous (Pop Artist from London, England)

"Searching For You" is the impressive debut from UK multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Spinous. This album is filled with ten catchy and groovy pop songs that draw from rock, funk, and r&b. With the exception of some of the drum and bass work, Spinous composed and performed all of the arrangements on this release, showing his skill both in layering and arranging. Spinous gives a strong vocal performance that sounds somewhere between Sting, Seal, and Prince. The songs are catchy and melodic, with great toe-tapping beats and meaningful, memorable lyrics. Spinous also self-produced "Searching For You," and it sounds great, his full vision fulfilled. "All I Need Is Time" begins with a nice drumbeat and keyboard work, then builds to incorporate a groovy guitar line and moves into great lyrical verse. "All The Things" is an incredibly poppy song with an energetic drumbeat, refined keyboard progressions and solos, more great lyrics, and a catchy chorus. Overall, "Searching For You" is a great debut from Spinous, with great groovy tracks that'll simultaneously make you want to move and sing along. Fans of groovy pop with rock, r&b, and funk influences should check Spinous out.
-Chris & the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

“Face In Your Crowd” by Jonathan Adam (Pop Artist from Texas(TX))

"Face In Your Crowd" is the excellent pop rock debut from Texas singer/songwriter Jonathan Adam. Adam (stage name of Jay Arseno) delivers a great vocal performance reminiscent of many of his influences, including Better Than Ezra and Vertical Horizon, and the entire album features outstanding vocal layering and harmonies. His songs have a solid rock foundation with great guitar riffs and solid beats, and Adam fuses it nicely with great pop elements, including electronica keyboards, whistles, flute solos, and Adam's stellar pop vocal performance. The songs themselves are melodic and catchy, heartfelt and real, and have great lyrics about love and life, often in rhyming verse. "Face In Your Crowd" is well-produced and sounds clean and professional with a great balance of vocals and instruments. "15 Minutes" is a fast-paced arrangement with matching frantic electronic drums and lyrics about the proverbial fifteen minutes of fame. "Cinematic Tragedy" has catchy and metaphorical lyrics and excellent musical transitions with electronica elements. "Face In Your Crowd" is truly an impressive debut from Jonathan Adam with its original pop rock arrangements, electronica elements, and powerful vocals. Fans of pop rock with a great modern rock foundation should definitely pick this one up.
-Chris & the Reviewer Team
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