Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Partendo con il cuore" by Andrea Andrei (Pop Artist from Czech Republic)

The wonderful CD, "Partendo con il cuore," by talented artist Andrea Andrei, is bursting with delightful Pop music. This album contains musical songs that are like a blast from the past as Andrei brings back the Pop musicality of the 1990's. "Besame (feat. Iva Hajnova)," has a catchy beat, strong and solid vocals, and bright percussive drums. Another song, "Malinconia (feat. Pavel Roth)," has a nice, easy flowing beat that grooves around the smooth and emotive vocals. Andrei takes a great classic song, "Sognando la California," (California Dreaming) and spins his own lovely version of it. This song moves with a vibrant beat as Andrei sings the melodic lyrics with a strong emotional intensity. If you are a fan of Pop music that is reminiscent of the '90's, then you will like the excellent Pop album, "Partendo con il cuore."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, June 6, 2011

"Moonlight Everywhere" by Alan Jarvis (Easy Listening Artist from CANADA - Ontario)

Talented singer/songwriter/musician, Alan Jarvis, releases another wonderful Adult Contemporary CD, "Moonlight Everywhere." Jarvis is certainly a one man band as he not only wrote this entire alum, but he also sings and performs all instruments on it. Jarvis also mixes up the styles on his album as you will hear ballads, instrumentals, and even Pop/Dance grooves. Starting up the album, the song, "No Sitting Down," catches your ears with its bouncy beat and fun loving lyrics. The instrumental, "Time Machine," has a soothing melodic melody that flows with a magical tonality. The title track, "Moonlight Everywhere," swirls with surgery vocals and charming lyrics. The instrumental, "Clouds," is a beautiful ballad featuring Jarvis deftly playing the soft and delicate piano with an emotive ambiance while the angelic strings gently cascade around the sweet melody. If you are looking for easy listening music that is fresh and original, then you will thoroughly enjoy the fantastic songs on the album, "Moonlight Everywhere."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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