Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Wood & Steel" by Pat Mead (Pop Artist)

"Wood & Steel," is the recently released Pop/Folk CD by talented artist Pat Mead. As you listen to this beautiful album, you will hear generous helpings of heartfelt lyrics that will seep into your soul. There is a nice dynamic balance between the vocals and acoustic instrumentation as these songs are performed with soft and soothing expression. The song, "Time," is a lovely piano driven ballad that moves with a smooth and easy feeling while the emotive vocals sing with thought provoking style. Another song, "The One Left Behind," has a sweet acoustic guitar that complements the charming vocals. "Broken Hearts," will tug at your heart strings as this song captures the trials of relationships with a gentle tonality. If you are a fan of James Taylor and Elton John, then the excellent Pop/Folk album, "Wood & Steel," would be one you will really enjoy.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

"I Wanna....." by Lisa Panagos (Pop Artist from Los Angels, CA)

The talented singer, Lisa Panagos, releases another fabulous Pop/R&B CD, "I Wanna……." which features the single, "I Wanna Be Your Lover." Panagos let her talents shine as she charms you with a soulful style that caresses your spirit. As you listen to this song you will hear her voice express sweet and delicate intonations as she sings her melodic lyrics with a rich and impressive vocal technique. This song is a must for the dance floor as it moves with sweet flowing rhythms and offers colorful instrumental elements. It will soothe you into a body rocking groove and will make you want to hear more from this talented artist. There are also excellent harmonies that delicately swirl around Panagos' silky voice. Fans of Pop/R&B music will really enjoy the excellent album, "I Wanna……." as it has refreshing vocals by an outstanding artist.

- Diane and the Reviewer Team 
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