Friday, May 23, 2008

"Just Stay With Me Tonight" by Maria Dangell (Pop artist from Germany)

"Just Stay With Me Tonight" is the latest single brought to you by dance artist Maria Dangell. Get ready to kick off the summer with this one - it's perfect for that summer pool party. The song is highly danceable, and Maria's deep, uniquely-toned vocals give the song passion and fervor. The arrangement is lively and well-layered. Moreover, this tune includes a delightful dose of Latin flavors. These elements, mixed with a deep-house-beat, airy synths, a rolling bass line and subtle horns, make for a pretty big sound. The dance floor will certainly be moving and hearts will be pumping to this one. Brought to a wrap with professional production, this one is a must-hear. If you like Gloria Estefan and Jennifer Lopez, you'll enjoy this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, May 12, 2008

"Dreams In Cold Weather" by Tracy Johnson (Pop Artist from California(CA))

Tracy Johnson's album "Dreams In Cold Weather" is a collection of high-energy, upbeat, "Girl Power" fueled songs. Tracy's wonderful voice and lyrics are fun and filled with lovable angst. The arrangements behind her are lively and solid, with radio-ready production. Above all the songs are extremely catchy and every one is a sing-along. Especially so in the huge choruses. Highlights are "Does It Really Matter," an empowering track with a soulful chorus and a despairing undertone. "Every Word I Meant It" has a bit more of an organic feel to it, with innovative guitar and bass tones. "December" has a touch of Country, wonderful melodies and an intimate vocal performance. If you enjoy pop/rock female singer/songwriters, you'll love Tracy and this impressive CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team

"I Heart History" by Al Start (Pop Artist from United Kingdom)

"I Heart History" by Al Start is an outstanding acoustic guitar-based album with tantalizing melodies and sultry vocals. The album has a haunting undertone with mellow, crisp arrangements and beautifully layered vocals. The production quality is great and Al shines as a songwriter with interesting lyrics and a fine listen-ability to her songs. This is a totally-pro radio-ready CD with mass appeal. Highlights are "Lover's Lane," with a gorgeous, intimate vocal performance and airy 12 string guitar. "Freak Show" has an excellent Tracy Chapman-type groove in which Al's vocals sound great. "The Vinegar Valentine" is a heart strong story with more great guitar work and nice vocal harmony. "More of a Man" features a guest vocalist and is the dirge of the album, with a punchy drum track and an overall moodiness. If you enjoy female singer-songwriters you'll love this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Balancing The Twilight", by Satoru (Pop Artist from San Francisco, California(CA))

"Balancing The Twilight", by Satoru is an Alternative Rock album that takes you back to the days of the early Art Rock Movement. Hints of World and Latin sounds give the album a texture that is truly unique, especially in the rhythm aspect. The Baritone vocals and ringy, tonal guitar progressions are quite haunting. The arrangements are very original, combining classic Alt sounds with new and innovative ideas. The album is well produced and sounds fantastic. Highlights are "Too Late to Change" with David Byrne like spoken word verses, intricate rhythms and a fat bass line. "Like Shadows in the Twilight" features a tweaky Jazz guitar progression and a haunting vocal performance. "Same As Us" has a heavy Eastern influence and an intense layering of instruments. If you like David Bowie and Talking Heads, you will like this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team

Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Sometime" by Matthew Hill (Rock/Pop artist from United Kingdom)

"Sometime" by Matthew Hill is a memorable alternative rock album with an urban undertone. There is a noticeable punk-pop influence in the sound. Moreover, the songs are very catchy, flaunt an appealing rebellious intensity, and are generally positive. Matthew's voice is very distinct and has a passionate tremble to it, which nicely compliments his soulful lyrics. Musically, this CD also stands out with arrangements that are quirky and air-tight. The opener, "Love on My Side," has a great hook, unique vocal delivery, and is just plain catchy. "Dear Me" starts off vengefully, with a hot guitar riff and punchy vocals. There are some nice vocal harmonies in the chorus as well. The title-track settles things down a bit with a few chords on the guitar, a simple beat, and a heart-felt vocal performance. If you like Adam Ant and The Beatles, you'll like this one.
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