Saturday, July 31, 2010

"It's My Turn" by Joe Escobar Quartet "Jazz Artist from California)

Take a trip down memory lane with Joe Escobar as he spins a fantastic nostalgic throwback to the days of yesteryear with superb classic Jazz standards on his newly released album, "It's My Turn." Sit back and enjoy the classic songs on this CD as they are performed by highly talented musicians who interlace these tunes with spectacular expertise. The caliber of Escobar's voice is not only strong and polished but he has a definite style and grace that gives these tunes a fresh quality. Kicking off the album, "Summer Wind," is smooth Jazz at its best as Escobar croons with suave and debonair style. Another great song, "The Way You Look Tonight," is smooth flowing with an added pizzazz of the trombone. The crisp piano complements the laid back vocals on the wonderful song, "Beyond the Sea." If you like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, or Bobby Darin, then you will truly appreciate the delectable Jazz standards on the fabulous album, "It's My Turn."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Astra" by Astra (Guitar Rock Artist from England)

ʺʺThe extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist, Astra, releases her impressive self titled album, "Astra." This album will capture your musical palette with a collection of Rock/Pop songs that are really amazing as Astra performs all vocals and instrumentation with sharp flowing clarity. Kicking off the album, "Start The Scene," is vibrant and energetic with strong and stylish vocals accompanied by driving guitar hooks. Check out the song, "Westside Paintwork Blues," as the crunchy guitar riffs and driving drum beats swirl around the soulful vocals. The song, "Mines of Elara," displays Astra's talents on the keys as the synth sounds complement the electrifying texture of the melodic guitar. Fans of Rock/Pop music will really enjoy the excellent songs on the outstanding CD, "Astra."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, July 5, 2010

"ImpossibleBeautiful" by Bergbusch (Rock Artist from Vancouver)

Bergbusch releases an exceptional album, "ImpossibleBeautiful," that is embedded with stirring songs of interesting Pop/Rock music. This group creates a sound of its own as they incorporate well crafted melodies with well balanced instruments. The free flowing song, "I Was Going To Save the World," is charming as the guitar and violin cascade around the emotive vocals and gives way to a nice, crisp and clean texture. You will like the rich violin riffs that swirl around the vocals on the song, "I Belong" Vibrant and magnetic, "Fool's Paradise," is another song that is tied together with thought provoking vocals and relaxed instrumentation. If you like Pop/Rock music that is fresh and creative, then you will really appreciate the excellent collection of songs on the terrific album, "ImpossibleBeautiful."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Dream Angel" by Leandra Ramm (Pop Artist from New York City, NY)

The superb vocalist Leandra Ramm releases her fabulous debut single, "Dream Angel," that creatively intermingles the genres of Pop and Classical music. What happens when you take these genres and put them together with a magnificent singer? A song that is truly innovating and stylish. There are two versions of "Dream Angel" and both are equally impressive. Taking the musical composition from Bach's Prelude in C Major and writing an original vocal line gives inspiration to Ramm as she performs with a rich and exquisite vocal range. Her strong opera voice surges with a highly polishes style and grace. Now take this single as a remix and the end result is wonderful. You can hear the vibrant beats with electrifying pulses as Ramm takes her song and spins it into a terrific modern Pop version. If you're a fan of Pop and Classical music, then the single, "Dream Angel," will surprise and amaze you as Ramm proves to be a powerful vocalist in either style of music.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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