Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Being Visited" by Lo Galluccio (Pop artist from New York City, New York (NY))

"Being Visited" by Lo Galluccio is an avante-garge pop album full of delightful oddity. Lo has a wonderful voice and her mixed styles of delivery – both spoken and sung – is delightfully unique. This CD's sound draws from many genres and regions, and stretches the boundaries of traditional pop. Lo's seductive vocals are certainly the centerpiece of these tunes. Also adding to the appeal of this album are some cool harmonies, overlaying of verses, and general weirdness. Moreover, the arrangements take their appropriate place behind Lo's captivating vocals, and successfully accentuate the mood of each song. Highlights include "Black Sun," which flaunts an intense vocal performance and some good tabla work. The cover of "You Go to My Head" is ambiently jazzy, with a powerful build and sultry vocals. "Being Visited" is a spoken-word piece with otherworldly lyrics, nice vocal layers and an array of haunting instruments. If you like Bjork and Patty Smith, you'll like this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Nothing But Love" by Sal Belloise (Pop artist from Florida (FL))

"Nothing But Love" by Sal Belloise is a blues driven acoustic rock album with a great live/raw quality to it. Sal's vocal performances are the big factor in achieving this sound as they are very clear and nicely produced. The instruments all have a great "Room" sound and the arrangements and lyrics are creative. Throw all of these factors together and you get an album that sounds like it was recorded in a coffee shop....but in a good way. The acoustic guitar work on the CD is impressive. Highlights include the title track "Nothing But Love," which has a catchy chorus, a standout bass line and some nice harmony in the vocals. "Wonderful Day" has some intricacy to it with tricky rhythms and changes, yet it is very listenable. Great blues riff too. "Wave of Life" has another awesome blues riff and more good vocal harmony. If you enjoy adult rock acoustic artists, give Sal a try.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Best of Romantic Songs" by Reimano (Pop Artist from Germany)

"Best of Romantic Songs" by Reimano is a classical guitar album brought to you by a very accomplished German guitarist. His influences definitely cannot be pinned down to one style or genre. It is Latin guitar for the most part, although you will hear classical, rock as well as blues elements. The musicianship is of professional quality and Reimano's guitar sounds fantastic. The arrangements are unique and the use of a rock organ at times adds a cool dimension to the sound. Highlights include "Aiysha," with an intro arrangement that keeps your ears at attention as it moves into a thing of beauty. "White Flag" is haunting, with an intimate intro and interesting synths. "Scubacoustic" wraps things up nicely with more intimacy and edgy synths. If you enjoy beautiful classical guitar music, you will enjoy this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team

“One Chance” by Toz (Pop Artist from Italy)

"One Chance" features the emotional vocals of singer-songwriter Toz. The recording includes simple acoustic instrumentation, which allow the feeling and romance of Toz's vocals and lyrics to cut through nicely. "They Are Still Here" has a strong and enjoyable instrumental back up, including a nice counter-melody string part, and the lyric poetry is touching and expressive. The overall feeling of this CD is one of memory and sentiment. The modern touch of the poetry of the lyrics in "I'm On My Way" are complex and can twine around the soul and be interpreted individually by each listener. There is something in the lyrics for everyone. This CD is a nice addition to any fan of emotional and romantic singer-songwriters.
-Lea and the Reviewer Team

"Flying" by Paul Kneipp (Pop artist from Australia)

"Flying" by Paul Kneipp is a feel-good adult contemporary/pop album that puts a big fat smile on your face. The songs are all catchy and have a great sing-along quality. The musicianship is top-notch. The production and recording quality are excellent, resulting in a professional quality CD. The vocals on the CD are distinct and certainly noteworthy. The arrangements are big and lively with a sense of intensity, but not overbearing. Overall, this is a "complete" album. Highlights are "Rich Man," leading off the album with tons of energy, terrific vocal harmony and all the qualities of a mainstream top 40 radio single. "Rising" introduces female vocals and showcases a great vocal performance. "Circus" wraps up the album and rightfully so, as it has closure and a sense of hope at the same time. If you enjoy uplifting pop, give this excellent CD a listen.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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“No Coincidence” by James Keen (Pop Artist from United Kingdom)

"No Coincidence" by James Keen is a well produced and performed adult singer-songwriter CD. The CD includes a good mix of tracks, fusing folk-rock, pop, jazz, and a little country. The variety of themes and styles gives life and energy to the CD. James' songwriting is outstanding, with memorable chord progressions and meaningful lyrics that build to powerful choruses. "Paint a Picture" has a nice rhythmic groove behind James' excellent guitar work and provides lyrics that are expressive and nicely tell a story. "Dawn" is a wonderful example of the variety that shines in this CD. "Something to be Said" has a country music influence, and provides a beautiful, soft ending to the CD. If you enjoy singer-songwriters such as Tracy Chapman or Jason Mraz, you will enjoy this CD.
-Lea and the Reviewer Team

“Lee Vee Live – One Night” by Lee Villeneuve (Pop Artist from Massachusetts(MA))

"Lee Vee Live – One Night" by Lee Villeneuve is a folk-pop breadth of fresh air. Lee and her talented backing band have produced an enjoyable, expressive, original work. The recording nicely captures the live vibe on the CD with a clear recording that lets the fine acoustic instrumentation shine through and provides the listener a real-life experience. The energy in Lee's music provides an excellent live performance. Lee's vocals have excellent emotion and energy. Each track has its own distinctive style and tenor, keeping the CD interesting throughout. "Inspire Me" has energy and gives that feeling of sensuality that brings this CD together. The upbeat energy and proclamation of feminine strength and individuality in "It's a Girl Thing" is refreshing and enjoyable. This is a strong sensitive and well thought out CD. If you are a lover of folk-pop, this will make a great addition to your collection.

-Lea and the Reviewer Team
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"Not Your Enemy" by CEOz (Pop Artist from France)

"Not Your Enemy" by CEOz is full of artsy pop tracks with a dark edge. Singer Fannie Brett's voice is a big part of the sound, with it's sensual and original style. Fannie's vocals relate well to the personality of the sound. You'll hear nothing but a Modern sensibility on the tracks of this CD: Lots of big beats and driving bass mixed with industrial, rock and electronica sounds. The production is of high quality and the arrangements are subtle and effective. Highlights include "What's Wrong With Me," a Club ready, extremely danceable and complete track. "No Way" is a haunting number with a driving beat and an tonal arrangement. "Let Me Hold You" is another dark track with a wicked guitar sound and an intimate vocal performance. If you enjoy modern pop/rock, you'll enjoy this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team

“Play to Win” by K. Osgood (Pop artist from New York (NY))

"Play to Win" features the unique vocal style of K. Osgood. Upon listening to this CD you will see that Ms. Osgood is not afraid to challenge conventional pop/rock styles, in delivering a unique style not only in terms of her soft and at times, falsetto, vocal style, but also in the instrumentation and production of the CD. The reverberated vocal production and soft instrumentation provide a mysterious element to the tracks of this CD. The lyrics are creative and sensitive showing a clear depth of feeling and strong emotion. "Give it Up" is one of our favorite tracks, with a strong loose snare groove that feature some interesting guitar and keyboard sounds, and a cathcy harmonized chorus. There is an interesting and clear, spoken and sung selection called "Sleep to Dream" that is a very good representation of this artists talents with clear and articulate verbalization. The final track, "Crazy Day," conclude the CD in a very update and positive note. This CD is full of variety, emotion, and creativity, and is worth your attention if you want to move away from formulaic commercial radio pop/rock to hear the innovative work of a creative artist.
-Lea and the Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

“Think Big” by Achim Schultz/OverTwenty (Pop Artist from Germany)

"Think Big" by Achim Schultz's band Over Twenty is filled with catchy British pop/adult classic rock songs. One of the highlights of the CDs is the songwriting, which provides memorable choruses and song themes. The lead vocals on this CD are clear and understandable with good pitch, and the backing vocals add pleasant harmonies and an efffective depth to the tracks. The production provides a nice balance of vocal and instrumental presentation and a refreshing retro 60s-70s rock sound. The obviously high level of talent and experience of both the vocalists and the band is clear on the CD. The variety in tempo of music is refreshing. The change in tempo with "Good Night Evelyn" is appropriately placed and gives balance at the perfect time in this CD. "Think Big," the title track, is a hook-filled number that builds nicely using harmonies and instrumentation, with a catchy chorus that includes an effective whispering backing vocal hook. "Rock and Roll Time" is a catchy up-beat number that is appropriately titled and has a groove that will have you dancing. This CD is full of good energy and excellent songwriting that will be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys rock bands of the 60s and 70s such as the Beatles or the Kinks.
-Lea and the Reviewer Team
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Alchemy" by Allene Rohrer (Folk/Pop artist from San Francisco, California (CA))

"Alchemy" by Allene Rohrer is a collection of beautiful, well-produced folk songs. What makes this album unique is its full, layered sound. Every track is fresh and innovative. Some tracks exude pure acoustic beauty, while others exhibit elements of blues and rock. Moreover, Allene's voice is soothing, determined, and backed by superb musicianship. Highlights include "Never There," which demonstrates lovely acoustic guitar work, and introduces a bit of an Island feel. Furthermore, the vocals on this track are timeless and layered with heavenly harmonies. "True Hearted Man" is a 'low-light' blues number with stunningly intimate vocals. Additionally, "Water" reprises the Island feel and features beautiful harmonies and soulful lyrics. If you like Kate Bush or The Carpenters, you'll like this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Captivated Heart" by Douglas Closson (Pop artist from San Francisco, California (CA))

"Captivated Heart" by Douglas Closson is a peaceful adult contemporary album with a little romance sprinkled in from time to time. There are many elements that make up the sound of this album. You'll hear a little country, a little blues, a little adult contemporary, and a little island sound, as Douglas' warm voice lends itself well to a variety of styles. The production on the CD is very simple and clean, allowing some beautiful acoustic guitar work to come through. The overall sound on the CD is very tranquil and relaxing. Highlights are "Into the NIght," a sea chantey that starts the album off letting you know that you are in for a treat. It is catchy and well put together. "Touch Me Woman" is a beautiful love song with great guitar work, a strong vocal performance and nice harmonies. The title track "Captivated Heart" is an inspiring duet that wraps up the concept of the album. You'll like this one if you enjoy adult contemporary artists such as James Taylor and Dan Fogelberg.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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