Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Men And Flies" by Martin Hagfors (Rock Artist from Norway)

Artistic musician Martin Hagfors reveals memorable shades of '70's Pop music on his excellent album, "Men And Flies." His thought provoking lyrics weave stories of political and social concerns and he creates a soulful blend of well crafted songs. The title track, "Men And Flies," is set to an easy flowing tone that is sung with a calm and soulful tonality. The song, "The Kernel Question," is a beautiful song that features the charming vocals floating around the sweet sounds of the piano. "I Need To Know," is another ballad like song that has a peaceful easy feeling. The song, "It's A Cinch," has a psychedelic tonality that catches your ears with an engaging ambiance and is richly textured and well orchestrated. Fans of 1970's Pop music will find the terrific CD, "Men And Flies," a fresh and original blast from the past and thoroughly enjoyable.div>-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Beatlesque Three" by Alan Bernhoft (Rock Artist from Los Angles, CA)

Take a step back in time with the spectacular Rock/British Invasion CD, "Beatlesque Three," by Alan Bernhoft. This is the third installment of a series of original, well crafted songs in which the Beatles might have released. Bernhoft does a magnificent job in replicating this style of music as you can hear perfect vocals and solid instrumentation. The opening song, "Sunny Sky," is bright and cheery and instantly connects you with the era of the Beatles. Another song, "Everybody Smiles," is truly remarkable as one would think of Ringo singing this lovely tune. "Colliding Circles," is an easy feeling song that moves with a sweet style and grace. Bernhoft does an outstanding job on this album and once again proves he has captured this particular time and sound. If you are a fan of the Beatles and British Invasion Rock, then you will definitely want to hear the wonderful collection of songs on the amazing album, "Beatlesque Three."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Freedom of Expression" by Ric Seaberg (Rock Artist from Oregon)

The talents of Ric Seaberg really shine on his latest soft Rock album, "Freedom of Expression." Seaberg, who is an accomplished musician, shows just what kind of sense of humor he has as he can take any topic and serve up some free spirited, fun loving lyrics using well crafted musical styles. The opener, "BRANGELIINA!" has a bright and bouncy beat and draws you in with those playful lyrics and Seabergs charming vocals. You can hear a taste of spiritual tonality on the song, "The God of Anti-Procrastination," and then turn around to hear an enjoyable Rock song, "The Rockin' Granny of Madison Street." Seaberg also shows his softer side with a wonderful ballad, "I'll Be Your Wife." Another song, "Wide Load," has a taste of sweet Country flavor as the toe tapping beat swirls around those amusing lyrics. If you are searching for a CD that has loads of entertaining lyrics set to a soft Rock style, then the excellent album, "Freedom of Expression" is just what you need to hear.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Mad Mad Me" by Laura Darrell Band (Accoustic Artist from New York City, NY)

Highly talented vocalist, Laura Darrell, will take your breathe away with her latest Folk/Pop album, "Mad Mad Me." Darrell, who is no stranger to the music scene, shines on this brilliant CD. Her voice is well polished and shows amazing style and grace. Opening up the album, the title track, "Mad Mad Me," reels you in with Darrell's rich and powerful voice. The melody is sweet and charming and one can feel the passion her marvelous voice casts off. "Get Away," is a thought provoking song as the emotive lyrics describe a troubled life with a somber tonality. Most of the songs on this album are acoustic, (guitar, piano, and strings,) but the track "Two Happy Feet," has Darrell grooving to a vibrant Pop ambiance and is quite a fascinating song. If you are looking for something that is fresh and original, then listen to the delectable Folk/Pop songs on the outstanding CD, "Mad Mad Me."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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