Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Greatest Hits" by stanleylucasrevolution (Alternative/Pop Artist from Los Angeles, California (CA))

"Greatest Hits" by stanleylucasrevolution is an innovative and compelling assembly of tracks that cross a number of genres. Ranging in tempo and style, every song on this collection has its own vibrant personality, defined by unprecedented creativity. "Gods Don't Worry" and "So Sorry Now," two of the more upbeat tracks on the CD, stand out as fun, high-energy adult rock anthems with a catchy beat. Perhaps the most noteworthy element of this assembly is the strategic use of vocal reverb and delay effects, which adds a hypnotic, trace-like feel. Moreover, each song is crafted with solid lyrics that leave a lasting literary and emotional impression. Completing the pack is top-quality production that allows the merit of these tunes to shine through. "Greatest Hits" by stanleylucasrevolution is sure to entice fans of both adult rock and electronica, leaving an unquenchable thirst for more.
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"Inside" by Leslie Young (Folk/Pop Artist from Canada (CA))

"Inside" is a new folk/pop CD by singer/songwriter Leslie Young. "Inside" highlights Ms. Young's talents on many levels. She is a master songwriter who is a craftsman with words. She delivers her messages through a voice somewhat reminiscent of Shawn Colvin - strong, beautiful, and distinctively feminine. Add to that her creative use of the guitar and fine recording and production quality, and "Inside" is definitely a winner! Strong tunes include the title track, the almost-country "Jezebel", and the psychedelic "Wait Until Darkness Comes". We love the complex guitar harmonies and creative vocal mixing in "Deschenes Avenue". "Inside" is a soothing journey for the heart....acoustic and folk/pop fans will love this CD!
-Jean W. for RadioIndy

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Lolapalooza" by Lo Renee (Pop Artist from Nashville, Tennessee (TN))

Lolapalooza features Lo Renee's soft and sensual vocals surrounded by beautiful accompaniment of music of varying styles. Standout tracks include "Thinking of You" with beautiful violin, "Silent Prayer" with masterful piano and mellow, smooth vocals, and "Enter The Room" with soft and sensuous vocals. An added twist is the quirky tempo of "Miss Liberty" with a pop-techno beat. Our pick of the CD "Together As One" is enhanced with a super rock organ intro, and is musically and lyrically upbeat with a very nice groove that will get you dancing. Pick up a copy of this CD today!
-Terri D. and RadioIndy

"Where Was I" By Raquel Aurilia (Pop Artist from San Franciso, California (CA))

 "Where Was I" by Raquel Aurilia is a passionate, skillfully crafted pop/rock tune. This single is characterized by heart-felt lyrics and amazing vocals. Raquel's voice exhibits great tonal quality, as well as power, strength, and control. Beginning with a striking piano arrangement, "Where Was I" quickly grabs the listener's attention with its catchy melody. As far as production goes, this album is best described as "radio-ready"! This memorable tune is a must-hear from those who enjoy powerful pop ballads with a great rock edge!-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Sunday, June 24, 2007

“Surrounded By Love” by Tina Sharkey (Pop Artist from New Jersey (NJ))

Tina Sharkey's "Surrounded By Love" is an upbeat, cheerful pop CD filled with many memorable tunes. One track that stands out on this CD is "Ah Ha." With an unforgettable electric guitar intro, this song embodies all the outstanding features of this CD: catchy melodies, easy-going lyrics, and great musical compositions. Moreover, Tina displays her versatility on this album, nailing fast-paced pop anthems like "Blown by the Wind" with contagious energy, and filling ballads like "Don't You Miss My Kisses" and "I'm Gonna Be Strong" with emotion-provoking passion. Furthermore, the quality production of "Surrounded By Love" completes this package quite nicely. Fans of powerful, fun-filled pop tunes will be pleasantly surprised by this inspiring record.
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Save Some World for Me" by Adero Neely (child sensation pop artist from Chicago, Illinois (IL))

On "Save Some World for Me", Adero Neely shows his vocal skills despite his young age. This young man is proving that his voice will be in the ears of many in the near future. His voice is powerful and his melodies are beautiful. Adero belts out influential and impressive vocals on his a Capella track "Save Some World for Me". If you like the Jackson Five then you will love Adero Neely. Don't miss out on this rising star, get your copy today!
-Josh B.
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Monday, June 4, 2007

"Body Rockin'" by the Venus Mission (dance/pop artist from Memphis, Tennessee (TN))

The Venus Mission debut CD "Body Rockin' " is filled with SPUNK (in a great way)! This band, fronted with three beautiful ladies, has talent, energy, and enough spunk to make your body wanna ROCK. Mass appeal for originality and tightly woven as a cover band, The Venus Mission brings back the sounds of the 80's with a youthful appeal and their own spin on their new songs; eight original tunes on this CD, plus three favorite covers from funky bands of the eighties. WOW, the incredible hooky "Le Meow" is truly a playful little song with terrific dynamics, sure to be a big hit on the dance floor. Best pick is "Brink Of Insanity" for originality. If you are looking for a dance party CD, look no further. Here it is. Pick it up today!
-Terri D. for RadioIndy
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