Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Carnival Ride" by Carrie Underwood (Country/Pop artist from Oklahoma (OK))

Carrie Underwood is back with soul and flare with her second studio release, "Carnival Ride." Contributing as co-writing of a few songs, Carrie seems to find her home as both singer and songwriter on this album. The upbeat, country-rock "Flat on the Floor" kicks this soundtrack off with attitude. "So Small" is an inspirational, heart-melting, fit-for-TV love ballad. Other mega-hits include the dreamy "Get Out of This Town" and the tear-inducing "You Won't Find This." Fans won't be let down by this lustrous collection. Carrie has succeeded in reproducing all of the trademarks that make fans adore her: attitude, heart, inspiration, and soaring vocal performances.
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Blackout" by Britney Spears (Pop/R&B artist from Louisiana (LA))

The heavily-anticipated comeback from Spears entitled "Blackout" follows the same beat-driven sound as the hit-single "Gimme More." Built around electronic hooks and heavily auto-tuned, robotic vocals, these songs are very similar in song structure yet are consistently catchy. "Piece of Me" stands out because of its very honest and personal lyrics, making mention of Brit's thoughts on motherhood and being the center of tabloid attention. "Break the Ice" takes on a more melodic sound while maintaining a club-friendly sound. Moreover, "Toy Sound" escalates to a more fast-paced, lively sound. Overall, the tunes on "Blackout" are sexy, danceable, and seemingly constructed for those who love to get up and groove.
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

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Friday, October 26, 2007

"Woodstock Creative Magic" by Cliff Adam (Country/Pop artist from New York City, New York (NY))

"Woodstock Creative Magic" by the skillful Cliff Adam is an eclectic collection of country/pop tunes. Cliff's songwriting takes the center stage on this CD, with meaningful, thought-out lyrics, and hook-filled songs. Each song on this CD acts almost as separate entities, creating a unique life of its own. The music is solid and Cliff's vocals take on a variety of different styles. "I'll Be There" fits best into the easy-listening genre and demonstrates Cliff's passionate, Elvis-esque vocal tone. "Fashion Model Dream" incorporates beautiful string arrangements and tells the story of a little girl with a big dream. Creative production elements, such as the animal sounds on "Crystal Ship," make these songs extra special. Fans of Elvis Presley, Tim McGraw, and even Elton John will find songs that they can relate to on this delightful collection!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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Monday, October 8, 2007

"Taking Chances" by Celine Dion (Easy-Listening/Pop artist from Las Vegas, Nevada (NV))

After three years away from the English recording scene, Celine Dion is back with her first single, "Taking Chances," from her highly anticipated November 2007 release. This mid-tempo, highly melodic, inspirational, exploding-chorus single offers up all the signature elements that have proven to produce hits for Celine in her almost two-decade-long music career. Perhaps refreshingly, "Taking Chances" elevates to a strong modern-rock sound during its climax. Although many fans do not look favorably on this latest release (because it is not her song, but a cover of Platinum Weird's song), Celine tackles this sure-to-be hit with her trademark multi-octave, passionate vocals. This single carves a solid path, many would hope, for Celine to make the transition from her blockbuster Vegas show to the tour bus! Celine fans, look out for the release of her new LP hitting stores this November!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Terrific Distraction" by Clint Crisher (Pop artist from Los Angeles, California (CA))

Clint Crisher's addictive collection entitled "Terrific Distraction" will leave fans of pop thirsting for more! Radiating influences of many styles, including rock and reggae, this CD boasts mass appeal. On some of the tracks, Clint creatively mixes his own vocals and riffs on top of popular pop/rock songs. "I Knew U Were the 1" is a groovy duet, showing heavy Caribbean influences. The hypnotic and racy "Run Baby Run" incorporates great electronica effects and flaunts a very catchy chorus. Clint has an undeniable gift for creating memorable rhymes and melodies, exploring topics of God, love, sex appeal, and anger. Moreover, Clint's edgy yet smooth vocal tone adds personality and life to these tunes! Terrific production is just one more reason for fans of pop figures like George Michael and Prince to buy "Terrific Distraction" today!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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"Kin" by The Portraits (Acoustic/Pop band from Southwest England)

"Kin" by the alluring Portraits is a masterful acoustic-pop collection! The tracks on this CD are a combination of serene soundscapes, flowing melodies, heavenly harmonies, and memorable lyrics! "Cogs and Wheels" best shows The Portrait's soothing and angelic vocal arrangements and harmonies. One of the most appealing aspects of "Kin" is its compelling instrumentation, namely graceful acoustic guitars and grand pianos as demonstrated by songs like "August Tear" and "Michael." Profound, thought-provoking lyrics provide depth and texture. Quality production marked by creativity and skill places "Kin" on the top! After listening to this CD, fans of Ben Folds, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and the Beach Boys will find themselves begging for more!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Dirty Little Word" by Natascha Sohl (Rock/Pop artist from New York City, New York (NY))

Two simple yet assuring words come to mind upon listening to Natascha Sohl's rock/pop debut entitled "Dirty Little Word": upcoming star! It is unquestioned that this gripping release will turn heads in today's music scene. One of the most appealing aspects of this CD is Natascha's strong-willed vocal performances, likened to a cross between Pink and Kelly Clarkson! "Beauty in the Silence" shows off Natascha's powerful timbre backed by a more pop-driven acoustic sound. "If I Was A Boy" takes on a dark rock edge, mirroring its lyrical discontent with the inequality women face in today's male-driven society. Song after song, catchy electric guitar riffs, hard-hitting drum arrangements, memorable lyrics, and top-notch production provide unforgettable tracks! "Dirty Little Word" is one CD that fans of Pink and Alanis Morissette must have!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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Self-Titled CD by Griffin Anthony (Pop/Acoustic artist from Florida (FL))

Griffin Anthony's self-titled debut EP is a remarkable pop/acoustic collection that radiates amazing musical talent and ingenious songwriting. Griffin's fast-paced, blues-inspired melodies and acoustic guitar work are simply hypnotic and contagious! Add Griffin's stunningly persuasive and soulful voice to these melodic arrangements and what do you get? An extremely impressive and enjoyable CD! "Sleepy Sunday" shows off all the brilliant aspects of "The Griffin Anthony EP": smooth vocals, flowing melodies, groovy instrumentation, and just-right production! Moreover, "If She Only Knew" stands out as particularly memorable and passionate. There's no mistaking that this debut places Griffin in the major league, right next to some of today's top artists, such as John Mayer and the Dave Matthews Band!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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"Believe" by Aje'h (Pop group from New York (NY))

"Believe" by the young and talented Aje'h is a hip collection of energetic pop anthems! Enticing vocal arrangements and harmonies stand out above all the beat-driven and professional instrumentation. Don't be fooled by Aje'h's youth – they bear an arsenal of strong and powerful voices marked by maturity, passion, and great control! Offering some positive and easy-to-relate-to lyrics in a combination of original and cover songs, Aje'h reaches out to their peers with tunes about love and unwavering ambition! "Dance With Me" stands out as particularly groovy, with its catchy drum arrangement and instrumental hooks. Adding to the delight of "Believe" is the addition of rock classics like "We Will Rock You" and "Boogie Shoes." Outstanding production assures that this album will be a big success! Fans of Hilary Duff and Hannah Montana won't be able to take this fresh collection of pop hits out of their stereo system!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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"Truth Be Told" by Howard Parker (Country/Pop artist from New Jersey (NJ))

"Truth Be Told" by Howard Parker delivers a CD full of honest country and pop folk tunes! The highlights of the CD are top notch musicianship including Howard's strong vocals, and songwriting that provides memorable choruses and relevant and clever lyrics. Kicking off with the upbeat and groovy "Every Time I Turn Around," Howard expresses his frustration with the ever-so prevalent dishonesty of others through a memorable melody and crafty rhymes. Slowing to an emotional ballad is the passionate "Where I've Always Been." This tune takes a deep look within, tackling themes of lost friendships, loved ones, internal struggle, and hope. "Concrete and Clay" incorporates creative electronic sounds, and ventures into a more melodic arena and hails amazing electric guitar solos. Brought to a close with production marked by balance, clarity and quality, "Truth Be Told" is a must-have for fans of acoustic/folk and country music and artists such as Lyle Lovett and Eddie Rabbit!

-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Free of Ugly" by Andrea Amos (Pop artist from Illinois (IL))

"Free of Ugly" by the highly experienced Andrea Amos is an eclectic collection of pop hits! "Why" is the stock-character of this album – its catchy chorus, melodic arrangements, and strong-willed vocal performance is characteristic of every song on this energetic album! Perhaps the most brilliant aspect of "Free of Ugly" is its masterful instrumentation and diverse range of cultural influences. "Gonna Stand My Ground" delivers a delightful concoction of Spanish and Eastern European sounds, and best demonstrates Andrea's commanding and passionate vocals. What's more, the piano and electric guitar duo of "Waiting" is mesmerizing to say the least! Lyrically, "Free of Ugly" is quite uplifting, inspiring, and is undeniably crafted with excellence! Professional production turns this collection into 'the complete package'! Followers of Vanessa Carlton, Jewel, and Michelle Branch will find this album to be irresistible!
-Xavier P. (for RadioIndy)

Friday, August 17, 2007

"Chronic Empire" by Robin Stanley (Pop/Classic Rock artist from British Columbia, Canada (CA))

"Chronic Empire," the latest from the brilliant Robin Stanley, is a soothing collection of guitar-driven pop/classic rock tunes! Kicking off with the unforgettable "Once Upon a Time," one cannot help but notice Robin's robust vocal appeal. His unique, graceful tone breathes serenity into his compositions! Masterful instrumentation is added to the list of accolades for "Chronic Empire," as heard in the melodic harmonicas, mesmerizing bass lines, and clever guitar leads of "Born Under a Bad Sign." Moreover, "One Way avenue" shows off Robin's keen sense for catchy choruses and relevant, well-crafted lyrics. Best of all, this CD is wonderfully produced with clarity and skill! Die-hards of Beatles-reminiscent pop and Tom Petty-infused classic rock won't be able to turn this one off!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Sunday, August 5, 2007

"Karma" by Farita (Pop/R&B artist from Australia (AU))

Is it getting hot in here? Farita's pop/R&B debut EP "Karma" will turn up the heat anywhere and turn-heads everywhere! These unique Indian-infused party tracks will have listeners uncontrollably grooving to the beats before they ever knew what hit them! "Get Up Now" introduces a tasty Latin flavor, and radiates the splendor of Farita's elegant and enticing vocals. "Jump" shows more of an R&B influence, and accurately warns listeners that they will become "slaves to the groove". Moreover, the production of this CD is simply phenomenal. Hypnotic and addictive, "Karma" is an absolute must-have for lovers of party, pop, R&B, and the sounds of Shakira and Beyonce!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Friday, August 3, 2007

"Last Hippie Standing" by John Gignoux (Classic Rock/Pop artist from San Francisco, California (CA))

"Last Hippie Standing" by John Gignoux is a masterful assembly of classic rock/pop audio delights! The high energy "Down the Bits" opens this diverse album, followed by the beautiful power ballad "American Skies." No matter the style of song, John's voice pierces through the music – his strong, dreamy voice is definitely an attention-grabber. Lyrically, this album covers lots of personal reflections and experiences - all told in a powerful, poetic manner. To top things off, the production of "Last Hippie Standing" strikes a perfect musical and vocal balance. If you enjoy the classic rock sounds of the 70s, you'll find this album to be irresistible!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"Wire" by Kirk Armstrong (Classic Rock/Pop artist from East Ontario, Canada (CA))

"Wire" by Kirk Armstrong is a delightful audio presentation of classic rock/pop songs. Excellent guitar work is evident throughout this entire CD. Kirk's rich, smooth vocals quickly steal the limelight, pulling listeners into his emotional stories of love and heartbreak. "Come on Little Girl" and "Burning Down" shows off Kirk's beautiful tone, well-crafted rhymes, and his keen sense for musical hooks and catchy choruses. "Second Hand" boasts a delightful electric intro that envelops listeners into its dreary atmosphere. Perhaps the most successful aspect of this CD is its ability to create a potent emotional atmosphere. What's more, the production of "Wire" is simply outstanding and pleasing to the ears! Fans of the classic/soft rock bands will jump for joy at the sounds of this amazing record!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"Love and Lies" by Alexandra Kelly (Pop Aritst from New Jersey (NJ))

"Love and Lies" by the young, beautiful, and profoundly talented singer/songwriter Alexandra Kelly is a passionate pop album full of sure-to-be hits! Alexandra's vocals are pure, intimate and deeply passionate. Every song on this CD is graced with her gentle tone and effortless vocal control, reminiscent of a cross between Kelly Clarkson and LeAnn Rimes. Many of these songs are purely acoustic, adding to the overall feel of sincerity and purity. Lyrically, Alexandra displays her talent for crafting tunes with great rhymes and compelling themes of love and heartbreak – a formula that makes for memorable songs that are easy to sing along to. "A Song for You" employs all these sure-hit elements, putting special emphasis on beautiful melodies and enriching background vocals. Industry standard production places "Love and Lies" right next to today's top-sellers! One thing is for sure - Alexandra has a long and prosperous career in front of her! Fans of Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Jewel and their contemporaries will absolutely love this album!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

"Gemini" by Kowa (Pop/Rock artist from London, England (UK))

"Gemini" by Kowa is an impressive collection of pop/rock tunes. Nicely incorporating heavy doses of electronic elements, "Gemini" takes on a sound that is filled with smooth, unforgettable grooves. "Slave of Emotions" takes on an electronic life of its own with an addictive lead instrumental hook, soothing vocals, and smooth lyrics. Kowa's blend of lyrical themes of life and love, social downfalls, and deep introspection appeals heavily to the soul-searcher and thinking-person. "Evening" shows some impressive guitar solos, coupled with captivating flute and sax arrangements. With solid production marked by clarity and professionalism, "Gemini" should be on everyone's list of must-haves! If you enjoy pop, rock, electronica, and instrumentals, add this CD to your collection today!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy

Thursday, August 2, 2007

"What A Rotter Of A Day" by the Electric Crayon Set (Pop/Classic Rock band from Finland (FI))

"What A Rotter Of A Day" by the flamboyant Electric Crayon Set is a captivating collection of power-pop tunes. If this band actually used crayons to craft their tunes, they would use the most diverse and colorful set around! Variety is the most valuable asset of "What A Rotter Of A Day"; music-lovers will find everything from the Beatles-reminiscent "Good Girl" to the fully acoustic "Morning of Magicians" and the rockin' "Initiate!" Moreover, every song on this CD employs creative lyrics defined by great poetic rhythms and rhymes, and creative analogies and imageries. Memorable melodies and musical hooks add together to create an album that is hard to forget! Furthermore, this band consistently delivers powerful vocal performances that capture their vibrant personalities! Putting the lid on this colorful crayon set is professional production marked by clarity and balance! Lovers of pop, classic rock and acoustic songs will love "What A Rotter Of A Day"!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"Plays Well With Others" by Wabi Sabi (Pop/Rock Artist from Georgia (GA))

"Plays Well With Others" by the sensationally talented Wabi Sabi is a groovy, irresistible collection of pop/rock tunes! Opening with the jazz groove sounds of "The Power," this CD immediately grabs listeners by the ears and hangs on until the very end! Musically, "Play Well With Others" outshines most – its unbelievable piano openings, rhythmic grooves, and electrifying electric guitar solos places this CD in the big league. Perhaps even more endearing is the strategic use and placement of brass instruments, namely the trumpet. "Time is Running Out" takes a delightful departure to a harder, faster-paced rock sound, displaying a wide-range of diversity. Lyrically, Wabi Sabi tackles the themes of life and love with literary precision, using occasional biblical analogies ("The Power" and "Apples"). Moreover, stunning vocals and crisp production puts this CD on the shelf next to the big names! If you like the sounds of Maroon 5, you will absolutely love this CD!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Gemini" by Box of Poems (Pop/Rock band from New York City, New York (NY))

Wow! Gemini is a terrific pop/rock CD from a talented group of musicians. The song genres on the CD vary, keeping it interesting for the listener. Regardless of the genre, the songs have an excellent groove, and the musicianship, songwriting, recording quality, and production are all outstanding! We love the vocals. Plus there are a lot of really tight and effective breaks in the songs. One listen of this CD and you will conclude that this is really good stuff - A very talented band that has spent considerable time and money putting together an excellent CD. Some notable tracks include Turn Out the Lights and Perfect Bliss, which will have you moving your body to the contagious groove and choruses that you'll be singing long after you put the CD down. If you enjoy outstanding pop/rock music with a really cool groove, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Self-Titled Debut by Imposter X (Pop Band from Orange County, California (CA))

The self-titled debut by the band dubbed Imposter X is best described as an impressive collection of hook-driven pop tunes. A certain aura of bliss surrounds this record, stemming from the use of beautiful bright pianos, catchy guitar leads, and groovy beats. Lyrically, this album outshines most with its well-crafted stories of fond memories and positive outlooks on life. What's more, the vocals on this record are soothing, comforting, and arranged to beautiful melodic symphonies. "Friends of Fairy Tale" best demonstrates these smooth vocals and catchy melodies. Furthermore, "Imposter X" boasts solid, quality production that comes across as ear-candy! Fans of uplifting power pop will find this album to be unforgettable and infectious!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Greatest Hits" by stanleylucasrevolution (Alternative/Pop Artist from Los Angeles, California (CA))

"Greatest Hits" by stanleylucasrevolution is an innovative and compelling assembly of tracks that cross a number of genres. Ranging in tempo and style, every song on this collection has its own vibrant personality, defined by unprecedented creativity. "Gods Don't Worry" and "So Sorry Now," two of the more upbeat tracks on the CD, stand out as fun, high-energy adult rock anthems with a catchy beat. Perhaps the most noteworthy element of this assembly is the strategic use of vocal reverb and delay effects, which adds a hypnotic, trace-like feel. Moreover, each song is crafted with solid lyrics that leave a lasting literary and emotional impression. Completing the pack is top-quality production that allows the merit of these tunes to shine through. "Greatest Hits" by stanleylucasrevolution is sure to entice fans of both adult rock and electronica, leaving an unquenchable thirst for more.
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

"Inside" by Leslie Young (Folk/Pop Artist from Canada (CA))

"Inside" is a new folk/pop CD by singer/songwriter Leslie Young. "Inside" highlights Ms. Young's talents on many levels. She is a master songwriter who is a craftsman with words. She delivers her messages through a voice somewhat reminiscent of Shawn Colvin - strong, beautiful, and distinctively feminine. Add to that her creative use of the guitar and fine recording and production quality, and "Inside" is definitely a winner! Strong tunes include the title track, the almost-country "Jezebel", and the psychedelic "Wait Until Darkness Comes". We love the complex guitar harmonies and creative vocal mixing in "Deschenes Avenue". "Inside" is a soothing journey for the heart....acoustic and folk/pop fans will love this CD!
-Jean W. for RadioIndy

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Lolapalooza" by Lo Renee (Pop Artist from Nashville, Tennessee (TN))

Lolapalooza features Lo Renee's soft and sensual vocals surrounded by beautiful accompaniment of music of varying styles. Standout tracks include "Thinking of You" with beautiful violin, "Silent Prayer" with masterful piano and mellow, smooth vocals, and "Enter The Room" with soft and sensuous vocals. An added twist is the quirky tempo of "Miss Liberty" with a pop-techno beat. Our pick of the CD "Together As One" is enhanced with a super rock organ intro, and is musically and lyrically upbeat with a very nice groove that will get you dancing. Pick up a copy of this CD today!
-Terri D. and RadioIndy

"Where Was I" By Raquel Aurilia (Pop Artist from San Franciso, California (CA))

 "Where Was I" by Raquel Aurilia is a passionate, skillfully crafted pop/rock tune. This single is characterized by heart-felt lyrics and amazing vocals. Raquel's voice exhibits great tonal quality, as well as power, strength, and control. Beginning with a striking piano arrangement, "Where Was I" quickly grabs the listener's attention with its catchy melody. As far as production goes, this album is best described as "radio-ready"! This memorable tune is a must-hear from those who enjoy powerful pop ballads with a great rock edge!-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

Sunday, June 24, 2007

“Surrounded By Love” by Tina Sharkey (Pop Artist from New Jersey (NJ))

Tina Sharkey's "Surrounded By Love" is an upbeat, cheerful pop CD filled with many memorable tunes. One track that stands out on this CD is "Ah Ha." With an unforgettable electric guitar intro, this song embodies all the outstanding features of this CD: catchy melodies, easy-going lyrics, and great musical compositions. Moreover, Tina displays her versatility on this album, nailing fast-paced pop anthems like "Blown by the Wind" with contagious energy, and filling ballads like "Don't You Miss My Kisses" and "I'm Gonna Be Strong" with emotion-provoking passion. Furthermore, the quality production of "Surrounded By Love" completes this package quite nicely. Fans of powerful, fun-filled pop tunes will be pleasantly surprised by this inspiring record.
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Save Some World for Me" by Adero Neely (child sensation pop artist from Chicago, Illinois (IL))

On "Save Some World for Me", Adero Neely shows his vocal skills despite his young age. This young man is proving that his voice will be in the ears of many in the near future. His voice is powerful and his melodies are beautiful. Adero belts out influential and impressive vocals on his a Capella track "Save Some World for Me". If you like the Jackson Five then you will love Adero Neely. Don't miss out on this rising star, get your copy today!
-Josh B.
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Monday, June 4, 2007

"Body Rockin'" by the Venus Mission (dance/pop artist from Memphis, Tennessee (TN))

The Venus Mission debut CD "Body Rockin' " is filled with SPUNK (in a great way)! This band, fronted with three beautiful ladies, has talent, energy, and enough spunk to make your body wanna ROCK. Mass appeal for originality and tightly woven as a cover band, The Venus Mission brings back the sounds of the 80's with a youthful appeal and their own spin on their new songs; eight original tunes on this CD, plus three favorite covers from funky bands of the eighties. WOW, the incredible hooky "Le Meow" is truly a playful little song with terrific dynamics, sure to be a big hit on the dance floor. Best pick is "Brink Of Insanity" for originality. If you are looking for a dance party CD, look no further. Here it is. Pick it up today!
-Terri D. for RadioIndy
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

"Behind the Blue" by Kiril Valeri (pop artist from Austria)

On "Behind the Blue", Kiril Valeri creates a touching album full of striking lyrics and music. Kiril's pop vocals are strong throughout the CD, which is especially impressive given that the music on the album is very versatile in that its tempo and style change from one song to the next, for example from ballad to pop dance song. The musicianship, songwriting, and production are all very professional. On the song "Fat Green Bogies", the music transforms to a fast paced drum and bass sequence that sounds grand. If you like Justin Timberlake you will love Kiril Valeri. Get your copy today!
-Josh B. and RadioIndy
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"The Devilish Grin" by Luisa Pepe (pop/dance artist from Montreal, Canada)

"The Devilish Grin" is an enjoyably contagious pop CD by Luisa Pepe. The extremely talented musicians and excellent recording quality of the CD provide an excellent backdrop for the exquisite vocals of Luisa. The songs on the CD have an excellent dance pop groove. Luisa's vocals come across with powerful confidence and a sexy tone. "Supersonic Love Machine" is one of our favorite songs with its excellent groove and memorable chorus. "Tango of Love" has a captivating Latin feel. "Why" is a touching song that highlights the versatility of Luisa's vocals. The title track is a very sensual song that you've got to hear. If you enjoy superstar female dance pop artists such as Madonna, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!
-RadioIndy staff
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Sweettone Artist Compilation CD (R&B/pop, hip hop and Regaton CD by various artists, San Diego, California (CA)) (March 2007)

The Sweettone Artist Compilation CD, is a creative musical release. The album is filled with mainstream R&B/pop, Hip Hop and Regaton styles, and the beats are classy. The overall production of this project is very professional and exhibits quality content. All of the vocalists on this project bring a unique twist to each song. One of our favorite songs on this album is "Have You Seen Her". This song has an edgy, on the grind type of feel. The whole concept of this track reminds us of material by R&B crooner, Jon B. The lyrics are slick and the rap personnifies the streets. This album can be used as a sound track to any blockbuster movie, anyday. We recommend this for any true music lover. Pick up a copy today!
-Groov (for RadioIndy)
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Enjoy the Sadness" by Jet Kanashi (Pop artist from Phoenix, Arizona (AZ))

How does one enjoy the sadness? Close your eyes and listen to this brilliant work of songwriter Jet Kanashi. Lyrically he is so far above good; He soars! The Electronic Euro-pop-revved special song "Mune" is such a tastefully orchestrated song, talented lyrically beyond most. The big booming sound of bass intro to "Yes, Baby" causes the song to explode with emotions as it picks up speed, breaking into a dance groove, and our pick as favorite track on this journey of essential pop music. Pick up a copy of this CD, and you will also enjoy the sadness for sure!
-Terri D.for RadioIndy
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"Thorns & Roses" by Ron Walters (R&B artist from Oklahoma, City, Oklahoma)

"Thorns & Roses" by Ron C. Walters is a delicate and passionistic album. This CD is a combination of soulful melodies and precise musicianship. Ron's vocals are tasteful and the lyrics symbolizes a love story. It's the kind of album that puts you in mood of warm summer nights at a beach or just driving with the top down. Our favorite song is " I Can't Live", because it exemplifies a timeless masterpiece composition. The vocals are placed perfectly in front of heavenly strings and a consistent rhythm of heavy bass and drums. It is safe to compare this album to the soulful sounds of Eric Benet or R&B vocalist, Javier. This is a great buy and the perfect gift for a loved one. Pick up a copy today!
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"Behind the Blue" by Kiril Valeri

On "Behind the Blue", Kiril Valeri creates a touching album full of striking lyrics and music. The music on the album is very versatile in that its tempo and style change from one song to the next. On the song "Fat Green Bogies", the music transforms to a fast paced drum and bass sequence that sounds grand. If you like Justin Timberlake you will love Kiril Valeri. Get your copy today!
-Josh B.
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Monday, May 14, 2007

"Could You Do Me a Favour" by Senzoo-Lab-Project

On "Could You Do Me a Favour," Senzoo-Lab-Project proves that they can bring dance worthy club hits to the table. This new album's feel-good songs will get your body gyrating from the get-go. The electronic synth based funk/disco music has a rhythm that is sure to please your need for hot tracks. The vocals on this album are a perfect blend of soulful singing and grooving melodies. On the track "How Can I Decide," a horn lead shows the versatility of the production on the CD. If you like Gwen Stefani's solo works, then you are sure to like Senzoo-Lab-Project. Get your copy today!
-Josh B. for RadioIndy

Sunday, January 7, 2007

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Friday, January 5, 2007

Radioindy New Releases : Pop

This blog will keep you updated on all the great new music in the POP genre. We feature both famous (big-name) artists like Madonna and today's top new up and coming Inde artists ( Radioindy.com Gold artists ). Check back often as this blog gets updated daily! Better yet, subscribe to our RSS feed so you can always keep current with all the new CD releases in the POP genre.