Sunday, February 24, 2008

"I Want Nothing" by AJ Nutter (Pop Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

"I Want Nothing" by AJ Nutter, is a creative compilation of alternative electronic pop/rock songs. The CD is best suited for listeners that enjoy more experimental, less mainstream-type of music. The CD is filled with interesting keyboard/synthesizer sounds and sound effects. For example, Area 51 has a very diverse display of interesting keyboard/synthesizer sounds. "Letter" includes a calm and pitch-perfect female vocal and a more electronic pop sound that adds an effective sharp contrast to the earlier instrumental tracks on the CD.
-RadioIndy Reviewer Team

"Something Old...Something New" by Full Circle (Pop Artist from Jacksonville, Florida(FL))

"Something Old...Something New" by Full Circle is a CD that features the excellent vocals of these talented young singers. The backing music and production are very high quality, giving the CD a polished sound. The CD includes both original tracks as well as well-known covers, which provides a nice song mix. One of the highlights of the CD are the effective rich choir harmonies on tracks such as "No Hard Feelings" and "Jealousy." Of the many excellent lead vocal performances on the CD, our favorites include the powerful female lead vocals on "Through the Fire" and "Now That It's Over." The tracks on this CD, which feature this talented young group of singers, are well worth a listen for any R&B-pop music fan.
-RadioIndy Reviewer Team

Friday, February 22, 2008

"Other Places to Search" by Breakers Broken (Pop/Rock band from Illinois (IL))

"Other Places to Search" by the compelling Breakers Broken is an extremely well-crafted collection of pop/adult-rock rocks. Fusing melodic and expressive vocals, tight harmonies, beautiful pianos, and gripping acoustic and electric guitars, this band delivers a very memorable musical soundscape. "Potion" takes a delightful turn from the usual and ventures into a very contagious jazz/funk groove. "Breaking Loose" is another stand out track with its high energy sound, nice drum arrangement, and very climactic chorus. Moreover, the lyrics on this CD are meaningful, tastefully optimistic, and tackle relevant issues of life and love. Topped off with professional production, this CD truly does deliver the entire package.
-Xavier and the RadioIndy Team

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"EP" by Laura McGreevey (Pop Artist From Washington(WA))

This six song EP from Laura McGreevey contains such a multitude of wonder, we were amazed at the talent. We are left wanting more, and it is very clear there is more to come from this talented young woman. She excels vocally, especially when the production allows puts her at the forefront, as in "The Gift" - a simple production, yet deep in raw emotion. Simple acoustic guitar backing "Hold Me" defines her ability to capture an audience, as we hung on her every word giving us this chilling and lyrically potent song. Laura is able to hold her head up high around her counterparts in pop music culture, as she could likely stir waves in the market. Her spiritual demeanor reflects a brilliant holy connection. This will definitely be a souvenir EP, a real collector's item.
-Terri and the RadioIndy Team

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Make Your Garden Grow" by Flash (Electronica Artist from New York City, New York (NY))

Flash is fantastically fashionable in the runway collection "Make Your Garden Grow". Electronic dance full of sunlight, lyrically hip, tight-fitting curves, and an earthy message combine to create a world of wearable music. If music were fashion, the designer would choose Flash for the sexy fabric! As the CD progresses, we find favorite vibes in the bongo baseline of "Look At Me" and "I Will Take You There". We are taken by this musician and his ability to capture a flowing brilliance of fabric, diamonds, and earth mist in "White" (A Tribute To Princess Diana). This CD serves as a perfect tool for refreshing relaxation.
-Terri and the RadioIndy Team

Friday, February 8, 2008

"In My Eyes" by Lydia Gray (Easy Listening artist from New Hampshire (NH))

Hailing from such a talented musical family, Lydia Gray's recording of popular hits entitled "In My Eyes" reflects multi-generational influences. Her pitch is fantastic, accompaniment light and airy, and her interpretations right-on! We think Gray captures the feeling and hidden meaning in this excellent collection modern hits. If you enjoy Norah Jones, then you'll enjoy this CD. Lydia's sultry vocals are stand-out in "I Love Him," along with fantastic flute in this number and on "Red Rain." For the brilliant "sadness" of the guitar and cello, plus Lydia's sweet vocal rendition, our pick is "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word." All there is left to say, "Hurry, don't wait another day until you check out Lydia's beautiful vocals on these memorable songs."
-Terri and the RadioIndy Team
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Aim Records Vol 2" by Aim Records (Pop artist from London, England (UK))

Aim Record's latest collection, "Aim Records Vol 2", delivers great electronica tunes made for the dance floor. The beats and bass grooves throughout the CD drive a strong dance beat. The vocals nicely complement this rythm section. Starting this dance party off is the techno-flavored "Over With You – Original 2step Mix." This song is one of this collection's stand-out tracks. It mixes emotion-filled and highly melodic vocals with a very contagious groove, and makes a beautiful transition from a somber piano-driven sound to a lively beat-driven party song. "Going Crazy – Scott Tonic Remix" is another outstanding mix, emanating loads of energy from the very start. Remix after remix, the producers on this collection offer something tasteful, new, and constructed for dancing the night away.
-Xavier and the RadioIndy Team
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