Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Free of Ugly" by Andrea Amos (Pop artist from Illinois (IL))

"Free of Ugly" by the highly experienced Andrea Amos is an eclectic collection of pop hits! "Why" is the stock-character of this album – its catchy chorus, melodic arrangements, and strong-willed vocal performance is characteristic of every song on this energetic album! Perhaps the most brilliant aspect of "Free of Ugly" is its masterful instrumentation and diverse range of cultural influences. "Gonna Stand My Ground" delivers a delightful concoction of Spanish and Eastern European sounds, and best demonstrates Andrea's commanding and passionate vocals. What's more, the piano and electric guitar duo of "Waiting" is mesmerizing to say the least! Lyrically, "Free of Ugly" is quite uplifting, inspiring, and is undeniably crafted with excellence! Professional production turns this collection into 'the complete package'! Followers of Vanessa Carlton, Jewel, and Michelle Branch will find this album to be irresistible!
-Xavier P. (for RadioIndy)