Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Feel So Good" by Sean Ensign (Electronica/Pop Artist from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (FL))

"Feel So Good" is the latest single brought by electro-pop artist Sean Ensign. The song is definitely hot and Sean has gone to the effort of bringing thirteen different mixes of it. The track works on many levels. The original mix is universal and could work on the runway or in the club. "Feel So Good [Shanghai-Surprise] Club Mix" features a bubbly bass line and is rave and club worthy. "Feel So Good [Jack D Elliot] Club Mix" kicks up the tempo a bit and makes for an intense grooving experience. All of the tracks are fantastically produced and mixed. It is definitely ready to be played in public and on the air. There is a definite distinction, uniqueness, and identity present in each mix, so be sure to take a listen to each one. Sean is no stranger to the charts and proves his worth with his latest release. If you enjoy dance music in general and want to gain full perspective on the many nuances and takes on this great single, you should pick up Sean Ensign's "Feel So Good."
-William and the Reviewer Team
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"Head Over Heels" by Cornerstone (AT) (Rock Artist from Austria)

Cornerstone (AT) has recently released their debut CD "Head Over Heels." It is an aggressively upbeat album compiled of uniquely original contemporary pop and rock arrangements. The vocals are embedded with strong and versatile flair which captures the listener's attention right from the very first song. The lyrics are engaging and capture the essence this group has fused together within the delectable ballads or rock pieces. As a whole, the album sounds great, is well produced, and is ready to challenge the airwaves. "Something to Say" has a sprinkling of harmonies adding to the solid rock sound of this four piece group. Filled with strong power chords on the guitar and an edgier rock style, "Changed" is upbeat in tempo and charged with driving drum beats. The cast of band members are polished and well rehearsed as performances are merged with building beats, grunge guitars, and confident vocals. "Head Over Heels" is an album well worth hearing especially if you like The Cranberries or Alanis Morissette.
-Diane And the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Time" by David Tucciarone (Rock Artist from Hawaii(HI))

David Tucciarone has created a memorable collection of songs with his release "Time," a professionally produced album that contains intelligent pop songs spanning many genres. From the folk rock of "The Good Years" to the acoustic rock of "Black Ash," Tucciarone shines in each setting, providing the instrumental performances as well as the vocals. The songs are well-written and Tucciarone's production is first rate. Listen to the excellent lead and harmony vocal layering on "She Knows Things" and "Don't Tell Me." Tucciarone also has a danceable side, which is featured on the incredibly funky "Time," the grooving "Traffic," and "Heaven," which showcases his very hip drum programming. "I Feel So Alive" and "Where Does the Love Go" are well-crafted ballads that continue to display the depth of Tucciarone's musical talents. "Time" by David Tucciarone will be enjoyed by fans of many genres, especially those who would appreciate a diverse blend of alternative rock and acoustic pop in the vein of The Eagles.
-Rodney and the Reviewer Team
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"Chris DeMarco-The 80"s" by Chris DeMarco (Rock Artist from Georgia(GA))

Chris DeMarco's most recent self titled release, "Chris DeMarco-The 80's" is an album that re-invents the upbeat classic pop rock music of that era. DeMarco, a seasoned veteran of music who has performed with various well known artists, has decided to debut his works originally recorded in the 1980's. These catchy pop styles are splashed with light lyrics over striking guitar riffs while keyboards add a touch of pop orchestration. DeMarco's vocals are melodic and rich, exhibiting his polished, strong and distinct voice. Note the high harmonies on "The Same Old Way" and also on "One More Shot." They are undoubtedly a staple of '80's pop. Rock-hard drums streaming with solid fills and edgy guitar licks reach well beyond their roots on "The Mirror." If you like music that captures the essence of 80's pop/rock, "Chris DeMarco-The 80's" is a CD well worth listening to.
-Diane And the Reviewer Team
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"Sometimes Always" by Jason Vigil (Pop Artist from Denver, Colorado(CO))

"Sometimes Always" is the exceptional new release from Denver based singer/songwriter Jason Vigil. Vigil is a mature artist and vocalist, presenting a product that is extremely polished, highly original and ready for mainstream radio. Although Vigil has created a collection of songs with a distinct and personal sound, each track on this album has the ability to stand on its own. The title track "Sometimes Always" is an upbeat tune showcasing Vigil's substantially refined sound. The production on this album is clean and simplistic throughout, giving this music a raw edge. Vigil's lyrical approach is highly pensive and introspective. Listen to the thoughtful "Because of You" and the reflective "Hard to Be Away." "Before You Disappear" is a good example of Virgil's ability to provide a memorable chorus with a captivating hook. "A Beautiful Mess" is a track that is moving and emotional, with compassionate and sympathetic lyrics. "Sometimes Always" is an outstanding release from an extremely gifted singer/songwriter that will be enjoyed by Pop/Rock fans of male vocalists in the style of Rob Thomas and John Mayer.
-Rodney and the Reviewer Team
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Check Out This Talented Pop Artist

View Chris DeMarco Image



Band Name: Chris DeMarco
Band Location: Georgia
Sounds Like: Don Henley, David Bowie, Bryan Ferry
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Check Out This Talented Pop Artist

View Sabrina Shaheen Image



Band Name: Sabrina Shaheen
Band Location: Michigan
Sounds Like: Madonna, Dido and Shakira
Visit Band's Website: click here



Check Out This Talented Pop Artist

View JJ Worthen Image



Band Name: JJ Worthen
Band Location: Texas Houston
Sounds Like: U2, Seal, Muse
Visit Band's Website: click here



Check Out This Talented Pop Artist

View Dave Foster Image



Band Name: Dave Foster
Band Location: Unknown
Sounds Like: The Beatles
Visit Band's Website: click here



Check Out This Talented Pop Artist

View Full Circle Image



Band Name: Full Circle
Band Location: Florida Gainesville Jacksonville
Sounds Like: Beyonce, Luther Vandross, Chris Brown, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera
Visit Band's Website: click here



Check Out This Talented Pop Artist

View Breakers Broken Image



Band Name: Breakers Broken
Band Location: Illinois Chicago
Sounds Like: U2 meets Red Hot Chili Peppers meets John Mayer
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Monday, December 15, 2008

"Swept Away" by Circular Rubbing Motion (Pop Artist from California (CA))

"Swept Away" by Circular Rubbing Motion is an erotic Euro-Pop album that features catchy songs with a sexy swagger. The sound is very full with lots of layers in the arrangements and fantastic vocal performances delivered by Laura Fuino. The album also contains a lot of variety from track to track, displaying many different influences circling around an edgy alternative foundation. The production value is excellent, and the tracks are crisp and ready for airwaves. The album opens with a bang as "Swept Away" pulls listeners in with an intense and upbeat rhythm, catchy lyrics, and bit of a country feel. "Gypsy Child" has some appealing Latin flamenco elements. That combines with sultry vocals make for a unique listening experience. "Angry Boy" brings out the punk side of the band and features some nice harmony in the vocals. Listeners who enjoy gender bending bands having music with sex appeal will surely like Circular Rubbing Motion's "Swept Away."
-William and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Check Out This Talented Pop Artist

View Laura McGreevey Image



Band Name: Laura McGreevey
Band Location: Washington
Sounds Like: Natalie Grant, Ashlee Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Nicole Nordeman,
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Bittersweet Byway" by Manilla Green (Pop Artist from Australia)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Manilla Green with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Bittersweet Byway"

"Bittersweet Byway" is the excellent debut EP from Australia's Manilla Green that spans a variety of rock-based genres. In a mere six songs, Manilla Green moves the listener from folk to alt-country to indie pop, and old school punk to rock & roll, laying down memorable tracks in each genre. Incorporating sound effects, children's voices, whistles, hand claps, harmonica, and piano into the arrangements, Manilla Green provide melodic, incredibly catchy toe-tapping songs you'll find yourself singing along to. At his most natural, the lead singer's poppy vocals sound like an alt-country version of Phantom Planet, but for the rock & roll and old school punk tracks he seems to channel the likes of Billy Bragg and Johnny Rotten. "Bittersweet Byway" was produced by acclaimed producer Jonathan Burnside, and it sounds excellent and ready for airplay, both in Australia and the rest of the world. "Lady Of The Scene" has a slower arrangement with piano, shakers, drums, guitar, featuring great heartfelt lyrics and a catchy chorus. "Giving It Away" has an excellent toe-tapping arrangement with both acoustic and electric guitar, a nice bass line, a great drum beat, and more great lyrics. "Bittersweet Byway" is a superb introduction to a talented, up-and-coming band with tons of potential. Fans of a variety of rock genres and great indie rock, check out Manilla Green.-Chris & the Review Team
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"Vida Alerta" by Inopartners (Pop Artist from Serbia)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Inopartners with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Vida Alerta"

"Vida Alerta" is a great eclectic album featuring music derived from a variety of world genres created by the collaborative effort of six Serbian musicians collectively known as Inopartners. Inopartners draw from reggae, Latin, funk, soul, electro, jazz, pop, rock. The group also sings in five different languages – English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Serbian, creating one of the most musically diverse albums of all time. The common bond of all these tracks are the great rhythms that drive them. The arrangements also feature interesting sound effects, great percussive beats, nice guitar work, and driving bass lines. The vocals deliver, as all six members of Inopartners lend their vocals to the album, singing about love and aspects of society. "Vida Alerta" is well-produced, so that all of the diverse sounds are brought fully to life. "So Nice" opens with wave sound effects, moves into a funky soul track with English lyrics and a great arrangement, then later moves to a quickly-delivered Spanish reggae sound. "Aqua de Coco" begins with more water sound effects, features Latin guitar, a great vocal delivery and instrumentation that makes the track catchy regardless of your native tongue. Inopartners should be praised for their successful cultural meshing that uniquely brings a variety of world genres together on one twelve-track album. Fans of eclectic world music, alerta su vida to this one.-Chris & the Review Team
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Dirty Rob EP" by Dirty Rob (Pop Artist from California(CA))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Dirty Rob with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Dirty Rob EP"

"Dirty Rob EP" is an excellent five-song psychedelic pop debut from California musician Dirty Rob. With a delivery reminiscent of the front man for Queens of the Stone Age, Dirty Rob's overall performance is exceptional. His vocals are well suited for all of the songs' arrangements, from the acoustic and piano pop songs to heavily distorted hard rock tracks and back, all the while incorporating great danceable beats into his sound. Dirty Rob makes statements with his songs and, though the lyrics are memorable and the choruses simplistic and catchy, they are also political and critical of society at large. "Dirty Rob EP" was produced by experienced producer Danny Saber, and it sounds nothing but professional and ready to burst through the speakers. "She's Got Game (I got played)" is a fun song you can dance to with catchy lyrics, heavy guitars, and a solid solo. "Troubled Mind" closes the EP out with an introspective track with an acoustic arrangement and heartfelt lyrics. "Dirty Rob EP" is a great introduction to the talents of Dirty Rob, and it leaves the listener in eager anticipation for his next release. Fans of psychedelic pop that you can dance to, check out this EP.-Chris & the Review Team
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"My Troubled World" by Angie Kopshy (Pop Artist from Oregon (OR))

"My Troubled World" by Angie Kopshy is an acoustic folk/pop CD showcasing Kopshy's strong piano and vocal abilities. Kopshy shows a nice vocal range on this CD, and her vocals are crisp and clean. The piano accompaniment is a refreshing switch from a full band sound, and nicely complements Kopshy's vocals. The incorporation of guitar and violin on select tracks helps keep the CD interesting throughout. "Sweet Lolita" is recorded on two tracks offering a choice between violin and guitar as accompaniment. Each track is equally impressive to hear. Although some songs are performed with a solo piano and vocals, "Endless" gives a taste of sweet harmonies. In a nice switch of tempos "Believe" makes you feel happy and upbeat. If you like to listen to acoustic folk/pop music in the style of such artists as Jewel or Tori Amos you should give this CD a try.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Muitiro" by Phil Flarvh (Easy Listening/Pop Artist from Virginia (VA))

"Muitiro" by Phil Flarvh is an eclectic CD unified with traditional South African cultural music and modern day electronics. In a unique contrast of cultures, Flarvh has mastered the art of creativity in collectively combining these two contrasting styles of music. The electronic drums imply the modern day dance club rhythm while the piano keeps a soft and serene chord structure. The delicate hints of synthesized strings embellish the tone of easy listening music. The lyrics are gracefully spoken yet sung with themes and variations. Perfect harmonies keep form and integrate the vocal with an ensemble providing the shape of African tonality. The title track is a great example that rhythm, form, and harmony from opposite classifications can merge to create a new type of musical style. If you like the music of Lady Smith Black Mambazo, you will enjoy listening to the easy listening CD "Muitiro" by Phil Flarvh.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, December 8, 2008

"World of Difference" by Sam Pollard (Rock/Pop Artist from Australia)

Sam Pollard's recently released CD "World of Difference" is a poetic storytelling of songs inspired by making a difference in the world. Pollard's vocals are rhythmical and have a fashionable flair of alternative pop/rock. His lyrics are narrative and bouncy and he delivers a message within each song as a chronicle of events. The album is masterfully produced as each song is clean and clear with instruments connecting well with the vocals. Listen to a touch of horns on "The Other Side" as they add a distinctive flavor to this song while the lyrics speak of how things may be different somewhere else. "Out" highlights a beautiful piano solo adding eloquent diversity to the quality of musical styles throughout the CD. The guitars are edgy and hammer out strong rock power chords with a steady driving beat. You will find "World of Difference" quite enjoyable if you like polished alternative rock with a strong message.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"b" by 3C84 (Pop Artist from Canada)

"b" by 3C84 is a cosmic dream-pop album that contains a great amount of diversity. The atmospheric elements will hypnotize you, while the raw and intimate vocals keep you down here on earth. This band has a great lineup of performers that all deliver. The arrangements are very poppy, leaning toward the British end, and the harmonies are creative, unique, and other-worldly. Each song is approached individually, although the album flows with great consistency. The production value is fantastic. The many layers on each track sound fantastic. One highlight is "Everything Will Happen for a Reason." This track will reel listeners right in by the distinct vocal performance and the signature cosmic pop sound. "Somewhere Off the Coast of Ngc 1275" is powerful and highly cinematic, and will take the breath right out of you. "When I Was Dead" is absolutely haunting, yet extraordinarily beautiful. Listeners that enjoy Brit-like pop with dark and heavy atmospheric elements will not be disappointed with 3C84's "b".
-William and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"America (The Sound of Colour Realized) by Roberta Kelly (Pop Artist from Germany)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Roberta Kelly with a GrIndie Award for the CD "America (The Sound of Colour Realized)"

"America (The Sound of Colour Realized)" is a two track, inspirational, easy listening CD single from seventies disco goddess Roberta Kelly. This recording marks Roberta's first release in over thirty years and is due to her newfound hope for the nation via the nomination of the agent of change himself, Barack Obama, for President of the United States. "America" is an anthem for the future of the country, recognizing the struggles of the modern day and attempting to encourage, motivate, and inspire the listener to do their part in the betterment of the United States. It is a song of unity, of equality, of hope, of embracing freedom, of redemption, and of America once again becoming the place where dreams come true. The recording quality is great, and should sound great when booming through the speakers at the Democratic National Convention. "America (With Speech Version)" incorporates Obama's acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination into the intro and outro of Roberta's song, maximizing the song's inspirational potential. "America (Original Version)" is simply Roberta's original recording of the track soon to make its way onto a new Roberta Kelly full length CD. For a timely and inspirational easy listening track with an American and Democratic flavor, pick up "America (The Sound of Colour Realized)."-Chris & the Reviewer Team
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"Long Way To Morning' by The boots (Pop Artist from Finland)

RadioIndy is pleased to present The boots with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Long Way To Morning"

"Long Way To Morning" is a true-to-its-roots rock album from Finnish outfit The boots. This album is filled with great rock arrangements from a set of tight and experienced musicians who nicely incorporate progressive and blues elements into their sound. The electric guitar drives the entire album, with great riffs and solos alike, splicing themselves throughout and solidifying the sound. Their influences draw from the '60s, '70s, and '80s from the likes of The Beatles, The Doors, Electric Light Orchestra, and a variety of rhythm 'n blues pioneers. Suffice to say, that is where their sound sticks. The songs are catchy and melodic, complimenting the rock arrangements nicely. The production quality of "Long Way To Morning" is quite good and the entire record sounds polished, though some of that must be accredited to the band. You can really tell that talent played a big role in the quality of the product. "Corduroy Man" has a great rock & roll arrangement, bluesy guitar solos, and a catchy chorus. "Never Meant to Shine" is a ballad with incredible vocal layering, an acoustic lead, and electric riffs. "Long Way To Morning" is another hit album from a longstanding mainstay of the Scandinavian rock scene. Fans of classic rock and great blues guitar, check out The boots.-Chris & the Review Team
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"Crazy Kind of Love" by Winslow (Pop Artist from Ohio(OH))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Winslow with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Crazy Kind of love"

"Crazy Kind of love" By Winslow is a fantastic mix of pop,rock and funk that is a true breath of fresh air, as it is truly innovative and against the norm. The album starts off with the stellar track "Breakdown." Good choice in leading off the CD. As soon as you pop this bad boy in, Winslow hits you with a funky slap bass line that assures you that Winslow isn't some generic rock band. "Control" is the standout track on the album and is very rememinencent of bands like Maroon 5 and Red Hot chili Peppers. The bass work on this album is amazing. as well as the horn section. The combination of the two really make this album jump into drive. The album is chock full of great musicianship from every member and is real treat for anyone looking to get away from the norm and lose yourself in the grooves. Be sure to check this one out regardless of what kind of music you are into, as it has a special quality that appeals to many genres. If you are a fan of funked out bass licks and high energy grooves, get ready to bug out with Winslow.-Ross
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"The Hard Way" by Andy Burch (Pop Artist from New Zealand)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Andy Burch with a GrIndie Award for the CD "The Hard Way"

"The Hard Way" is a five song, folk-pop EP from New Zealander singer/songwriter Andy Burch. This EP is filled with profound, acoustic-driven songs with solid backing arrangements that give it a great folk-pop feel. Burch's vocal performance is quite good and unique it it's own right. His strong New Zealand accent tenderly bursts through each word somehow similar to Scottish pop rock artist Paolo Nutini. The lyrics are thoughtful, intelligent, and narrative, and all of the songs have catchy hooks and a great pop appeal. "The Hard Way" is also well-produced, giving each song a nice polished and professional sound. "You'll Become a Love Song" is a fully realized track that begins as a pop song that is heavy on the acoustic end, with brief electric solos scattered through the first verse. Soon enough it becomes heavier and turns into a rock song. "Airport Radio" is another great pop song, with an incredible arrangement and intelligent lyrics, including the verse, "Oh oh I don't know but/I think I better go get Jesus on the phone but/There's no dial tone, looks like we might/Have to make it on our own." "The Hard Way" is a solid EP that show's Burch's lyrical and musical prowess, and leaves the listener wanting more. Fans of intelligent folk-pop and thick New Zealand accents should give Andy Burch a try.-Chris & the Review Team
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Monday, December 1, 2008

"Live at the M Bar" by Peggy Judy (Pop Artist from Los Angeles, Califrornia(CA))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Peggy Judy with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Live at the M Bar"

Peggy Judy's "Live at the M Bar" is a throwback to classic cabaret lounge jazz album that features comedic crooner style vocal performances. The album is, of course, very upbeat and the element of a live atmosphere really captures the true energy of the act. Peggy makes her grand entrance on "Everything's Coming Up Roses," the fourth track of the album, and she enters with a bang. Her big voice and apparent talent as a performer she displays on the album make it easy to see how fun her live shows are. Smooth show tune-esque vocalist Kevin Kennard joins the party on several tracks and is quite hilarious himself. The musicians behind the singers are top notch, know the genre well, and are highly creative and gifted performers. The recording quality of "Live at the M Bar" is great, really highlighting the trueness of the vocals and coming away with a clean sound on a live album. Highlights include "The Morning After (with Kevin Kennard)," beginning with a teaser for a brilliant comedic rant about the subject at hand that is truly hilarious. Peggy's rendition of "Everything's Coming Up Roses" features a classic swanky arrangement and a powerful performance indeed. If you enjoy classic cabaret and huge personalities, you will love this album. -William
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"From The Outside In" by Francesca de Valence (Pop Artist from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Francesca de Valence with a GrIndie Award for the CD "From The Outside In"

"From The Outside In" is an adult contemporary soft rock EP highlighted by the powerful and passionate voice of Francesca de Valence. Listening to Francesca makes you think of some of the greats such as Carole King and Sarah McLachlan. This Australian has a true distinction and a timeless quality to her voice. She delivers with so much passion, yet she retains an intimate quality in crafting her emotion-driven music. The arrangements behind her are solid and complimentary to her style. The recording quality of "From The Outside In" is quite good; Francesca's vocals are laid down and mixed beautifully, the instrumentation is crystal clear, and the overall sound is dynamite. Highlights include "Breathe," which has a wonderful arrangement and a great variance in the delivery of the vocals. "My Somebody To Love" is a powerful and catchy song and has all the makings of a single. "Jealousy" has a bit of a country vibe to it, some nice changes and features, and another strong vocal performance. If you enjoy powerful, emotion-driven female singer/songwriters and adult contemporary, you will love Francesca de Valence. -William
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“This Train Still Runs" by Marcus Dagan (Easy Listening/Pop Artist from Baltimore, Maryland (MD))

"This Train Still Runs" is an easy listening/contemporary album filled with some popular standards by Marcus Dagan. Dagan's vocal qualities are deep and rich, and emit strong yet emotional tonality. Remarkable musicians accompany lead vocals in a sophisticated, clean, and crisp style. Unwind to the lyrics of each song as you remember the good old days and the good days that are still to come. A nice, relaxing jazz feel with a bluesy muted horn is exceptional on the song "Booze Is Just An Excuse." Featured in the title track "It Was A Very Good Year/This Train Still Runs" is a great classical piano favorite that introduces this popular standard and a marvelous orchestration through the string section. "This Train Still Runs" is a superb album and well worth listening to, especially for fans of Neil Diamond and Harry Chapin.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Get Your Love On" by Sexy Ester and the Pretty Mama Sisters (Pop Artist from Madison, Wisconsin(WI))

"Get Your Love On" by Sexy Ester and the Pretty Mama Sisters is a collection full of original, melodic pop/rock music. Lead vocals are strong and powerful, which lends a distinctive element to this group's sound. Get a rock groove on when you listen to "The Tambourine Song" as it showcases solid power chords on the guitar and rolling drum beats. "The Love Song" exhibits how tight these musicians are with their perfect timing, shown throughout the song. The addition of a grooving bass solo really makes the song rock. Taking a change up to a Latin rhythm, "The Simple Life" and "841" shows diversity within the band and includes the use of Latin percussion instruments. Fans of The Cranberries, Melissa Etheridge, or melodic pop/rock should definitely pick up "Get Your Love On."
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Heart Gone Sober" by Jason Vigil (Pop Artist from Colorado(CO))

An up and coming alternative/pop rock artist Jason Vigil and his latest album "Heart Gone Sober" is one you won't want to miss listening to. Vigil's vocals are powerful and strong while the band is pure and never overbearing. The entire collection has a great complementing mix between vocals and instruments while lyrics are exceptionally flowing. In the title track "Heart Gone Sober," the lyrics present an appealing optimistic point of view. An acoustic performance, "Sad Month" is evidence of the talent of Vigil's solo performance. Vigil shows his ability to reach a higher vocal range in the beginning of "Come to Me" while the energy of alternative rock influence kicks in. If you like to listen to John Mayer or Matchbox 20 you will positively want to hear Jason Vigil's "Heart Gone Sober."
-Diane and the Reviewer Team

"Congo's Angels by Various (Pop Artist from Washington D.C.(DC))

Dedicated to provide global awareness of abusive conditions to women and children throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, "Congo's Angels" by Various is truly an inspiring compilation of women collaborating to send a message. "It's Not a Big Deal" gives a tang of country mixed with inspiring lyrics. Not only are there songs featuring various styles of music, but you will also hear beautiful, spiritual depth in poetry describing the hurt and harm that has been caused as heard in "For the Women of Change" and also "You Are Not Alone." Vocals, whether sung or spoken, are exceptionally stimulating and serene in the message they send. These women truly are "angels" to promote awareness of abuse to women and children with a median that everyone will be encouraged to be aware and get involved. "Congo's Angels" is a wonderful and inspirational collection sure to please fans of genres such as easy listening, alternative rock, country, world, and spoken word.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"The Restless Years" by Casino Royal (Pop Artist from Austria)

If you like Depeche Mode, you'll want to take a listen to "The Restless Years" by Casino Royal. This techno pop duo is fueled by an electronic feel which creates a refreshing mix of songs. Casino Royal shows dedication and time well spent in their studio producing this quality album. As you listen to each track you can hear a variety of electronic instruments with an impression of their creativity, while great care was spent balancing sounds so each instrument can be heard. Listen to "Battle of the Sexes" as it takes an upbeat turn with a bass rhythm kicking off the song leading into a Latin drum tempo. The use of synths is especially noted by using a horn section to add flavor to "Against All Reasons." Nicely slowing down the tempo in "To Fit," this duo demonstrates their versatility on this track, which features a catchy guitar lick. If you're a fan of Techno Pop, you'll enjoy this CD, which uses an invigorating selection of lyrics, synths, and versatility backed by a creative mix of rhythms.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Mr. Sun" by Jude Johnstone (Jazz/Pop Artist from Los Angeles, California (CA))

"Mr. Sun" by Jude Johnstone is a easy listening/jazzy album with elements of brass instrumentation, soft drum brushes, and piano and bass in the mix. Johnstone has strong, yet touching, vocals while she sings with a variety of vocal ranges. The harmonies are sung with the same passion-filled emotions as the lead vocals. The title track, "Mr. Sun," has a cheerful Latin rhythm that makes you feel happy, with lyrics that compliment the rest of the instruments. "Don't Tell Me That It's Over" captures the feel of a nice, flowing jazz/blues song, with a soulful saxophone solo to top it off. "So Bad" is a relaxing, Jack Johnson-like track that exhibits Johnstone's vocal range. The creativity in the infusing brass instruments within songs adds texture to the band's sound, and the piano enriches the sense of a jazzy/blues style. Fans of easy listening/jazz music should definitely pick up "Mr. Sun."
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Shine On Me" by Sharon Gosler (Pop/Jazz Artist from the Netherlands)

"Shine On Me" is the inspiring debut album from the extremely talented singer/songwriter Sharon Gosler. She is a gifted songwriter and possesses an extremely rich, captivating voice that few can match. Whether the setting is rock, blues, pop, or jazz, Gosler shines in each style. Her songs are well-crafted, with authentic lyrics, gorgeous melodies, and thoughtful arrangements. The production is well polished, professional, and commercially appealing. From the first track "(What if I had the) Chance," her passionate delivery grabs you and doesn't let you go. Her vocals are soulful and resonant, exhibiting tremendous personality. The touching "Macy's Song" is a showcase for her wide vocal range and powerful emotion. She sings the sultry, bluesy "Your Love" with convincing and compelling attitude. The moving "Faces of yesterday" is a haunting ballad, with Gosler again displaying her immense vocal range and a soulful, passionate delivery. Sharon Gosler is a female vocalist with tremendous talent and crossover appeal, and fans of pop and jazz should definitely check out her album "Shine On Me."
-Rodney and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"All On Me" by Beth Phillips (Pop Artist from Louisiana (LA))

"All On Me" is the debut album from teen pop artist Beth Phillips. This is a fun album filled with catchy lyrics and great production. Beth has a stunning soulful quality to her voice and packs in some fantastic vocal performances. The songs flow and the arrangements are cleverly constructed without deviating from the concept. Beth has a truly original sound that is for the most part modern, although you can't help but notice some classic R&B and rock elements. The album sounds great and will sooth your ears with its slickness. Highlights are the opener "Friendship Is Forever," which contains a tantalizing hook and completely ties together what Beth is all about, and "Girls' Night Out". "Girls' Night Out" opens with a commanding piano line and evolves into a driving dance/ sing along club style song. "Fake" exhibits Phillips' jazzy side and shows you how the distinctness of Beth's voice can transcend genres. Fans of teen pop led by a soulful singer should consider giving "All On Me" a listen.
-William & the RadioIndy Review Team
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