Monday, June 30, 2008

“Eclectic Guitar” by The 99th Floor (Pop Artist from Norway)

"Eclectic Guitar" is a versatile alternative rock album from Norwegian band The 99th Floor. The 99th Floor seems to span the '90s alternative sound with this album, but their inventiveness, group vocals, and catchy choruses make the album fresh and enjoyable. The 99th Floor take from many of the '90s genres – punk, pop, and contemporary alternative – and combine it with a variety of musical influences, including The Kinks, Violent Femmes, and Hüsker Dü to create a sound all their own. "Eclectic Guitar" is well-recorded, from incredible bass lines to quiet xylophones to dual vocals, and leaves little to be desired. "Headspin" is a quicker, punk-influenced song with an impressive bass line and a pleasant group vocal on the chorus. "Big Boys" has a strong '90s alternative sound. "Graceful Fall From Grace" closes things out with a slower alt-country sound, more group vocals, and nice use of harmonica and country guitar rhythms. With "Eclectic Guitar," The 99th Floor draws from a variety of influences and shows their versatility in incorporating them into each track. Fans of '90s alternative and many of its sub-genres, give The 99th Floor a try.
-Lea and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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Friday, June 27, 2008

"Inside My Head" by Clare Reynolds (Pop/Adult Alternative artist from Australia)

Wow - "Inside My Head" is an outstanding pop/adult rock CD that features the tremendous vocals of Clare Reynolds. Clare uses pitch-perfect vocals delivered with excellent emotion to provide a set of outstanding tracks. Her voice has a very enjoyable and natural quality. The musicianship and production on this CD match the quality of a top big-name CD, and are well-matched with Clare's vocal talent. This is a commercial, radio-ready CD that has a "wow" factor that we find in the initial independent recordings of some of today's big-name artists. The title track is a beautiful piano-based song that effectively uses dynamics and a powerfully-soft ending, to deliver a strong message. "Come Back" features a melodic and memorable chorus, nicely subtle harmonies, and a nice rhythmic groove. "Time for Love" is a powerful song with excellent depth and dynamics, on which Clare uses her impressive vocal range and a strong countermelody to accentuate the message. If you enjoy discovering outstanding vocalists, or enjoy pop/adult rock music that is appropriate for all ages, you will love this CD.
-The Reviewer Team
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

“Gravity Rocks” by The Larch (Pop Artist from New York(NY))

"Gravity Rocks" by The Larch is a very memorable, hook-laden collection of pop/rock tunes. The musical arrangements of these tunes immediately grasp the listener's attention. Catchy, clean guitar riffs and solos, backed by groovy drum arrangements form the musical foundation of these tunes. Moreover, this band proves to have a fine-tuned talent for crafting unforgettable vocal melodies. "That's Where You're Wrong Carruthers" is a superb demonstration of this band's smooth, warm vocals, space-filling background vocal arrangements, skillful lyricism, and tightly synchronized instrumentation. "Copernican Principle" ventures more into an edgier rock arena while maintaining a refreshing pop sensibility. Moreover, this album is crafted with careful, quality production. Fans of vintage, early Beatles-reminiscent pop/rock with an attractive modern flair and witty lyricism will enjoy this CD.
-Lea and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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“Hold Tight” by Tim Wells (Pop Artist from South Africa)

"Hold Tight" by Tim Wells is an enjoyable adult pop/rock CD full of creative production and memorable tracks. Tim's songwriting and excellent vocals nicely shine through on this CD. These are effectively demonstrated on the CD, which has a very professional, radio-ready quality. The professionalism of the entire CD is impressive. The tracks are full of memorable choruses, professional musicianship, and creative production. "Dark Room" has a nice groove that effectively builds to a powerful chorus. "Keep Moving" features a very interesting and moving guitar riff, which nicely transitions into a creative and percussive hook-filled chorus. "Ice" features airy vocals that are reminiscent of Brian Ferry. If you enjoy modern adult rock, you will enjoy this impressive CD.
-Lea and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team

Monday, June 16, 2008

“Songs in Black & White” by Chris Pick (Pop Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

"Songs in Black & White" by Chris Pick is an inspiring contemporary/pop album, demonstrating a gentle simplicity that awakens the heart. Songs like "Yes Virginia" give deep insight into the amount of heart and passion that went into each of these songs. This uplifting track brings hope in light of tragedy using an emotion-laden piano progression, well-written poetic lyrics, and a tear-inducing vocal performance. In general, Chris's compositions reflect a soft, gentle quality and are mostly piano-driven. His melodies and vocal tone find their way straight to the soul. Moreover, "Our First Dance" delivers a memorable tribute to the beauty of love, and is complimented by the gracious sounds of the violin. With production that allows Chris' voice and passion to take the center stage, this CD will be worthwhile for any fan of positive adult contemporary/pop music.
-Lea and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Private Property" by Emily Grace (Pop Artist from Tennessee(TN))

"Private Property" by Emily Grace is an outstanding folk album that showcases Emily's beautiful voice. Her tremendous voice will draw you in and make you hang on every word. On that note, you will find her lyrics very interesting and her delivery quite fluid. There is also some fine guitar work on the album and nice variation of instruments from song to song. Overall, there are some really great songs on this album, all of them the quality of a professional. Highlights are the opener "Jon Boy," which gives you an intimate taste of Emily's voice amidst a soulful lament. "Most of All" features beautiful cello work and another fine vocal performance. "Captain" is the most country of all the songs and features some nice guitar work. If you enjoy discovering up-and-coming female acoustic/folk artists with absolutely beautiful voices, check out this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team

Sunday, June 8, 2008

“Exhibit A” by Corrin Campbell (Pop Artist from Maryland(MD))

"Exhibit A" by Corrin Campbell catches your attention from the first track of this powerful pop-rock CD. Campbell's CD displays her versatility as a singer, as someone who can sing ballads, as well as upbeat pop/rock music without losing her unique style. The songwriting on the CD is strong with relevant lyrics and catchy choruses. The band is tight and nicely backs Corrin's vocals. "Colors of You" features heartfelt lyrics and a pop/rock groove that complement Corrin's vocals and the edginess of the lyrics. "Friend of D" is an upbeat track that features a powerful drum groove and nice breaks that lead to a powerful, nicely harmonized and resolved chorus. "Through Your Eyes," features a soft, melodic, and passionate vocal performance by Corrin. "Exhibit A" is a CD with memorable tunes combined with appealing lyrics that you want to learn right away so you can sing along!
-Alicia and the RadioIndy Review Team

"Painted Eyes" by Brad Belt (Pop Artist from Illinois(IL))

"Painted Eyes" by Brad Belt is an enjoyable adult rock album that speaks of faith, life experiences and companionship. Brad has a very nice, soothing voice with a great "storyteller" quality to it. You'll also notice a touch of country in his delivery. This is a romantic album with simple, but complimentary arrangements. Everything comes together very nicely. The production quality is very good and the lyrics are right up front and very clear. You certainly hang on every word while listening. The songwriting provides memorable choruses. Highlights include "Painted Eyes" with a rebellious electric guitar riff and a nice boy meets girl story. "Some Days (Are Meant For Flyin')" features a quirky country/blues arrangement and has a ton of personality. "Only Me" has a nice piano progression and a nice vocal performance. If you enjoy adult rock with relevant, real-world lyrics and memorable songwriting, you'll enjoy this excellent CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Every Street Corner" by the Joel Lightman Band (Pop Artist from Ontario, Canada)

"Every Street Corner" by the Joel Lightman Band is an excellent, upbeat adult rock/pop album with a fresh and quirky sound. The band has a big full sound and tons of energy. The songs are all well written and filled with lots of melody and huge catchy choruses. The piano is a key instrument in this act as it serves as the catalyst for the arrangements and is the driving force of the sound. Think Ben Folds meets The Beatles. The songs are all radio ready and professionally produced. Highlights include the opener "Step it Up" with a rockin' piano progression, driving beat and all the qualities of a great single. "These Feelings" has a bit of a country vibe behind some nice piano work and features some well placed Beatles-esque changes. "My Sweetest Vice" hits hard with a pounding beat and persistent vocals. If you adult rock/pop music and bands such as Del Amitri, you'll enjoy this outstanding CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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