Monday, March 26, 2012

Somewhere Along the Way

Pop vocalist Andrea Wellard releases a stunning Pop/Rock CD, "Somewhere Along the Way," that features beautiful thought provoking songs. Wellard is a vocalist who has great control of her voice as she sings with a soft and gentle style and yet shows dynamic power. The opener, "Dandelions," is quite a charming song as Wellard sings the lyrical lyrics with a thoughtful intonation. The song, "Relentless," lets Wellard show her versatility as a vocalist as this song has an edgier Rock groove. "Don't Go Searching," is another charming tune that has a bouncy beat and flows with a free moving rhythm.  You will find this CD to have outstanding vocals and some irresistible melodies splashed with wonderful instrumentation. Discover the talents of vocalist Andrea Wellard as she spins a delicious collection of songs on her latest album, "Somewhere Along the Way."