Thursday, April 30, 2009

"More Than I Can Be" by Alan Curtis (Pop/Rock Artist from Manitoba, Canada)

On his first solo album, "More Than I Can Be," Alan Curtis blends an array of roots rock influences with creative arrangements. The CD opens with "Ten in Heaven," a retro allusion that could lend itself to the likes of Brian Wilson or The Traveling Wilbury's while not swaying too left of contemporary. Through vocally driven songs, Curtis establishes his unique character while also keeping the layering fresh and engaging throughout. With a heartfelt piano ballad as heard on the title track "More Than I Can Be" followed by dance inducing beats, Curtis's love for rock n roll is lucid in each song. Feel the driving drum beats on "Greed (Money, Money, Money)" while vocals belt out melodic lyrics and the organ holds solid chord progressions. If your old Tom Petty records have lost their thrill, this new CD may be a solid successor.

-Max B. and the Reviewer Team
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Different Worlds" by Silent Circus (Rock Artist from Italy)

The pop/rock duo, Silent Circus, debuts their first album "Different Worlds." This pair is very reminiscent of blending two famous groups together, The Beatles and Eagles. The chemistry between these talented guys is unfaltering. They have composed lyrics with a calm, easy feeling balanced out by the easygoing instruments. Lead vocals are delightful and the harmonies complement them perfectly, as listeners will be able to hear on such songs as "I Believe" and "Hard to Be the One." There is an excellent guitar solo on "High Speed," while "Clouds" highlights a strong, melodic guitar, steeped with flowing riffs. Silent Circus' "Different Worlds" would be a great addition to anyone's easy listening album collection, especially for fans of The Beatles or Eagles.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Saving America" by Michael Behm (Pop Artist from British Columbia, Canada)

Talented artist Michael Behm, no stranger to the music scene, has released his fifth album, titled "Saving America." A Canadian, Behm projects his insights about his neighbors that are south of the border through his music. This album offers up a collection of some power pop/rock tunes with creative lyrics and song titles. There is a hint of influences of band greats such as the Beatles on tracks "The Art Of Letting Go" and Danger Boy." Not only does Behm have strong and solid vocals, but he gives listeners a taste of his guitar abilities with clean-cut power chords on "Honesty." The ballad "Lincoln" presents another side to the range this album has, as the piano highlights a rock solid accompaniment. Look no further than "Saving America" by Michael Behm if you want to hear some fun and enjoyable pop/rock music.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Pearl of Blood" by The Moon Whispers (Pop Atist from New Zealand)

Cryptic poetry and dark images are the forte of The Moon Whispers as they release their latest album "Pearl of Blood." The fusion between folk music and despondent ambiance is quite interesting and adds to the uniqueness this album displays. Vocalist/guitarist Elisa Di Napoli has a deep, yet touch of sweetness to her voice. Her lyrics are strong and emotional, with each song having a story to tell. This quality enhances the range of music that is reminiscent of darker tones and textures. One such song with a thought provoking tale is "You're Driving Me Crazy." Another appealing quality is the use of viola and cello giving sinister overtones to these ballads. "Do It Again Sam" is just one song featuring the obscure strings answering in shadowy minor tones. If folk music with mysterious and stirring images is your pleasure, then The Moon Whispers' "Pearl of Blood" is well worth hearing.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Sacred Fire" by Jonae' (Easy Listening Artist from Tennessee(TN))

Melodic and fascinating is the recently released disc "Sacred Fire" by innovative artist Jonae'. With a unique blend of violin, cello, viola, guitar, and world percussion the tracks on this CD have a very rich and instrumentally layered sound. There is a strong rhythmic backing to these songs and a unique sound. The CD is energetic and filled with vibrant and upbeat instrumental arrangements. Take for example the titled track "The Sacred Fire" as the burning runs on the strings gives spirited life to this dynamic piece. Feel the rhythmic beats of the percussion as it swirls around the strings on "Fireflies." Showing a little versatility and moving the tempo to a waltz feel, which is seldom heard these days, "Blue Mountain Waltz" draws attention with the beautiful balance of harmonies of the strings. "Sacred Fire" is a wonderful collection of contemporary instrumentals and is a CD well worth listening to.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"I Am" by James McKenna (Pop Artist from Los Angeles, California(CA))

Sheer entertainment describes James McKenna's first full length album, "I Am." McKenna has creatively taken pop/rock music and splashed country ambiance into it. His vocals are strong and polished with lyrics that are straight from the heart. The tracks on this CD are full of energy and enthusiasm, and nicely delivered with high quality production. Catchy and upbeat, "No Remedies" is a pop/rock track with a powerful, sing-along chorus. "Seven Cigarettes" is a poignant and exquisite composition brimming with acoustic country flair. If you are looking to hear intelligent music that merges pop/rock and a little country, then look no further when you hear "I Am."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"From the Ashes" by Jay Arseno (Pop Artist from Texas(TX))

Highly talented artist, Jay Arseno, gives us a huge taste of his musical abilities on his latest CD "From the Ashes." Right from the start, the melodies and rhythmic beats are infectious to hear. Arseno delivers these catchy melodies within pop/alternative rock tracks that flow smoothly from one song to the next. His versatility to cover these styles with strong vocals makes this a truly enjoyable album. The production on this CD is top-notch and mainstream radio-ready. Vibrant and upbeat, "Shine!" will want to lead your tapping feet to the dance floor. Then take a trip to the edgier, alternative rock side as you hear "A Pretty Truth." If you want to hear pop music that is well blended with alternative rock, then "From the Ashes" is an album definitely worth adding to your collection.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Check out Feed The Need, one of RadioIndy's favorite Pop artists

Radioindy Artist Spotlight for Feed The Need

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Band Name: Feed The Need
Band Location: New York Long Island
Sounds Like: The Cars
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Check out SyndiLee, one of RadioIndy's favorite Pop artists

Radioindy Artist Spotlight for SyndiLee

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Band Name: SyndiLee
Band Location: Washington
Sounds Like: KT Tunstall? Melissa Etheridge?
Visit Band's Website: click here

Check out Corinne Gooden, one of RadioIndy's favorite Folk artists

Radioindy Artist Spotlight for Corinne Gooden

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Band Name: Corinne Gooden
Band Location: Tennessee Nashville
Sounds Like: Sarah McLachlan
Visit Band's Website: click here

Check out Ross Royce, one of RadioIndy's favorite Rock artists

Radioindy Artist Spotlight for Ross Royce

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Band Name: Ross Royce
Band Location: New Zealand
Sounds Like: The Darkness,David Bowie,Oasis,ELO
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Check out Martin Folly, one of RadioIndy's favorite Reggae artists

Radioindy Artist Spotlight for martin Folly

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Band Name: martin Folly
Band Location: France
Sounds Like: Bob Marley & the Wailers/ Johnny Clegg
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Life Like Sad Music" by Chancellorpink (Pop Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

Chancellorpink busts out the John Lennon influences in full on his latest disc, "Life Like Sad Music." Although there are more influences present on this record, it seems that the late Beatle has inspired Chancellorpink (aka Ray McLaughlin) in a big way. Listening to songs like "Dying Dreams Day" and "Walk On Water," evokes the album "Double Fantasy"/late 70's Lennon tone that we have all grown to love. McLaughlin's vocal melodies and low tonality screams of that era and he pulls it off quite well. There is also a strong David Bowie influence, more heard in the music than the singing. For instance, there seems to be some throwbacks to Bowie's "Tin Machine" album, a disc (like this one) that was filled with experimental music sounds. This unique sound can be heard on songs like "Third Time, No Charm." If you are into Lennon's latter work, then you will thoroughly enjoy "Life Like Sad Music."

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RadioIndy is pleased to present Larissa Ness with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Hello"

RadioIndy is pleased to present Larissa Ness with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Hello"

Larissa Ness's newest release "Hello" is drenched with Hip-Hop beats and R&B styles. Ness's vocals are sultry with clean, crisp, and confident precision. Syncopated drum beats and alluring strings gives "Break It Down" a smooth, easy flowing texture. Also take note of the simple one note piano pattern as it adds an air of mystery to this song. Mixing it up and adding a guest rapper to the melodic vocals really gives a Hip-Hop edge to "One Way." The album has a high-quality sound, as lead vocals are never overpowered by instruments or the background harmonies. Fans of Nelly Furtado or Natasha Bedingfield will take pleasure in "Hello" as it is an album well worth hearing.

-Diane And the Reviewer Team
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